Fashion Fix | Classic Vogue Covers Of The '80s

Vogue covers are, and always have been, just so freaking gorgeous. They set the standard for how the fashion industry is played out on glossy pages. What I love about retrospectives like this is how the images all come together to present a real reflection of the fashion world of the times.

Vogue (US) November 1987 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (UK) July 1986 | Christy Turlington

Vogue (US) December 1984 | Renee Simonsen

Vogue (US) August 1986 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (US) February 1988 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Paris) August 1988 | Naomi Campbell

Vogue (Paris) November 1986 | Christy Turlington

Vogue (Germany) November 1987 | Linda Evangelista

Vogue (US) January 1987 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Germany) August 1986 | Paulina Porizkova

Vogue (UK) July 1987 | Christy Turlington

Vogue (UK) July 1988 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (US) March 1989 | Carre Otis

Vogue (US) May 1986 | Paulina Porizkova

Vogue (Australia) February 1986 | Christy Turlington

Vogue (US) January 1987 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Italia) June 1988 | Naomi Campbell

Vogue (US) July 1987 | Paulina Porizkova

Vogue (UK) April 1987 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Australia) March 1989

The 1980s were all about refined elegance, especially so in those earlier years. Think glitz, think glamour, think rouge. Think a LOT of rouge. Nothing screams 1981 quite like a rouged-up Carol Alt on the cover of Vogue. Colour was celebrated; kitsch was revered. Wide-eyed gazes and gaudy jewels signify a decade of opulence.


Towards the end of the '80s we see a slicker, more urbane vibe coming through. Moving away from perfectly poised fashion, Vogue magazine covers reflect how the rules of fashion were relaxed somewhat, giving way to a more fluid and free-form aesthetic. Don’t even get me started on the amazing bedazzled, bad-ass chic look, including those fabulous specimens of lycra attire - the catsuit - that ushered in the 1990s. Viva la Vogue!


Keep a cheeky eye out for our look back at Classic Vogue Covers of the '90s - coming soon!