Fashion Fix | Classic Vogue Covers Of The '90s

Behold! Here lies the '90s follow up to our '80s Vogue Covers special from last week. **whoop**

I don't know about you, but I LOVE those georgeous '80s Vogue covers. And as great as they are even, these '90s covers are truly something else, something very special. **swoon**

Fashion magazines underwent a major shift in the late '90s; a rising trend towards celebrity culture knocked those supermods off the perches they had etched their names onto in the late '80s/early '90s. Glossies like Vogue clung tight to their upper class roots for as long as they could, but even they eventually succumbed to the lure of music & movie stars. **yawn**

Vogue (Paris) November 1992 } Helena Christensen

Vogue (Australia) November 1995 | Daniela Pestova

Vogue (Australia) December 1994 | Yasmeen Ghauri

Vogue (Paris) February 1990 | Linda Evangelista

Vogue (Germany) May 1992 | Linda EVangelista

Vogue (Italia) June 1992 | MEGHAN DOUGLas

Vogue (Germany) November 1994 | Jaime Rishar

Vogue (Italia) May 1990 | Roberta Chirko

Vogue (Italia) March 1994 | Linda Evangelista

Vogue (Paris) November 1993 | Karen Mulder

Vogue (US) January 1992 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Paris) March 1994 | Kate Moss

Vogue (Australia) September 1993 | Linda Evangelista

Vogue (UK) February 1990 | Christy Turlington

Vogue (UK) December 1995 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (UK) January 1999 | Linda EVangelista

Vogue (US) September 1995 | Shalom Harlow & Amber Valletta

Vogue (Paris) March 1990 | Naomi Campbell

Vogue (UK) May 1990 | Christy Turlington & Linda EVangelista

Vogue (US) January 1994 | Niki Taylor

Vogue (US) October 1990 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Australia) September 1996 | Linda Evangelista

Vogue (US) May 1992 | Claudia Schiffer

Vogue (US) July 1994 | Cindy Crawford

Vogue (Paris) March 1992 | Christy Turlington & Naomi Campbell

If Kate Moss was the queen of the '90s catwalk, Linda Evangelista is the matriarch of '90s Vogue magazine. Her cover count outnumbers all of the other supers put together and it's easy to see why when you take a look at all of these covers put together. **yikes**

The prestigious cover shots of Vogue celebrated the pure perfection of Linda, Cindy, Christy, Karen, Helena, Naomi, and Claudia etc etc.. and they preempt the amazing fashion editorials contained within those glossy pages. **squee**

Vogue (UK) November 1992 | Helena Christensen

Vogue (Paris) September 1993 | Linda Evangelista

One of the key differences I see between '80s and '90s Vogue is that the '90s covers seem to tell more of a story, with one singular photo, than their '80s counterparts. Linda seated at a gorgeous vanity unit applying makeup; Christy frolicking down the street holding on to a bunch of balloons; Naomi splish-splashing at the waters edge of an idyllic beach etc etc... in short, just a bunch of annoyingly perfect gals living the life we all wish we were living. **le sigh**

Vogue (US) August 1990 | Christy Turlington

Vogue (US) October 1991 | Cindy Crawford

Glossies like Vogue in the '80s & '90s were selling us a dream; telling us a story; providing us with an escape. That's what fashion was, and still is, all about. The covers of Vogue are just so beautiful and will live on long after our fascination with celebrity has faded. Please lord make that day come sooner rather than later. **amen**