1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly September 1992

To celebrate our being on holidays, we’re bestowing on you one more 1-Minute Fashion Fix to tide you over until we return in May… and the best fashion fix we can think of right now is a swimsuit fashion fix. 35 Stand-out Swimsuits to be exact!

It’s interesting to see how few of these swimsuits look dated at all. We’re talking 25 years later here people, and not many of these swimsuits would look out of place on our beaches today. Perhaps the high waists on some of the bottoms, and some of the patterned lycra, but mostly these could be relative today. Maybe there’s only so much you can do with swimsuits.

For those of you playing at home, my favourite is the black & white striped Brian Rochford retro two-piece, and my least favourite is the hideous flower-patterned bikini with the horrendous yellow straps. Blerrgh!


Dolly Magazine September 1992 | Alison Brahe

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | September 1992

Cover: Alison Brahe | Photography: Christine Schroeder | Hair & Makeup: Ayako

35 Stand-out Swimsuits: Natasha & Jodi Luschwitz | Photography: Michael Schenko | Hair & Makeup: Nikki Paton