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With all of our talk about Dolly magazine lately, many of you have dropped us a line to tell us what you loved the most about the mag. Dolly Doctor rates pretty high, because where else were we going to get the inside scoop on everything puberty, but it's the girls who graced the covers and pages that most of us remember the most, and everyone had a favourite. I certainly had my own favourite - the identity of whom you can find in this here Top 10 (+1) - and we'd loved to hear from those of you who haven't spilled your guts yet. Let us know in the comments below or contact us en privé.

#10. Miranda Kerr

I wrestled with myself over whether to include Miranda Kerr in this Top 10 +1 or not. Her fame - and her eleventy-seventy Dolly covers - came in the 2000s, but since she got her start by winning the 1997 Dolly Covergirl Competition, and went on to become the jewel in the Dolly magazine crown, I figured we should give her a well deserved nod here.

Miranda Kerr is pretty much solely responsible for a whole generation of teenage girls putting peroxide on a few well-placed strands of hair to give themselves blonde streaks. I look at these pictures now and think - why? And how? And why? And WHY? But we do have to remember that in 1997 blonde streaks for girls, and frosty tips for boys (think *NSYNC or Pacey from Dawson's Creek), was the height of street style.

Dolly April 1997

Dolly August 1998

Dolly June 1998

#9. Collette Roberts

you can ring my bell-ell-ell, ring my bell <ding-a-ling-a-ling>...

Don't mind me, I'm just getting in touch with my inner Collette. Before she breathed new life into the lycra industry in Australia with her energetic music videos, Collette Roberts was a bonafide Dolly girl. And a damn fine Dolly girl she was too.

... you can ring my bell -ell-ell, ring my bell <ding-dong-ding-dong>

Dolly January 1983

Dolly February 1983

Dolly November 1990

#8. Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly was the winner of the 1991 Dolly Covergirl competition. Her victory cover in February preceded another two covers in August and December. Because I have mad math skillz I can confirm that Ms Kelly chalked up a total of THREE Dolly covers in the same year.

The Kelly clan were genetically blessed. Rebecca's big sister, Vanessa, was a Dolly regular in the '80s and they were both drop dead gorgeous. It's hard to believe Rebecca Kelly was just 14 years old when she was chosen as a finalist - she looks so grown up and sophisticated. Bless her plastic-flower-adorned swimsuit.

Dolly February 1991

Dolly August 1991

Dolly December 1991

#7. Belinda Riding

Belinda Riding wasn't just a regular for Dolly, she also found herself on the pages of other Aussie magazines, like CLEO and Cosmopolitan in the '80s and early '90s. She even went on to have a successful international career as well. Onya Miss Riding.

Dolly May 1987

Dolly November 1987

Dolly November 1990

#6. Angelique Bennett

I freely admit bias here... Angelique Bennett was (& still is!) my absolute favourite Dolly girl. I think it was due, in part, to the fact that of all the Dolly girls hair, my hair was most similar to Angelique - mostly in her earlier chin length bob days. I could only dream of looking as Sassy McSassquatch as Angelique did with her hella-cute pixie cut, circa 1994.

I can't believe Angelique chalked up just three covers during her time as a regular Dolly girl! Lucky for us though she featured in eleventy-seventy fashion editorials from 1988-ish to 1995-ish, and they were ALL completely amazing. We'll feature many more Angelique editorials in the very near future.

Dolly May 1990

Dolly April 1992

Dolly October 1991

#5. Melissah Hannan

Melissah Hannan was kinda a big deal in the early '80s. Not only did she grace the cover of at least four issues of our beloved Dolly magazine, but she also took home the crown for Miss Australia in 1981. Winning Miss Australia took her across the pond to London to compete in Miss World 1981 where she placed 5th Runner Up. In the late '80s she was best known for being a guest presenter on Hey Hey It's Saturday.

Does she ever stop grinning like a cheshire cat?

Dolly March 1980

Dolly October 1980

Dolly January 1982

Dolly May 1982


#4. Sarah Nursey

By the mid-80s Dolly Magazine readers were all about Sarah Nursey. We've had many a Double Denim Days follower ask us about Sarah Nursey covers & editorials. You guys loved her pretty hard! You can see just from these covers that she totally owned that classic girl-next-door persona, and we can't see anything wrong with that at all.

I absolutely love the April 1984 cover. Sarah Nursey is channeling her inner Flashdance with a shabby-aerobic-chic ensemble. Have a great workput Nursey!

Dolly January 1984

Dolly February 1984

Dolly April 1984


Dolly September 1984

Dolly November 1990


#3. Tanya Linney

If Sarah Nursey was the 'chosen one' of the mid-80s - her mid-90s counterpart was the gorgeous Tanya Linney. With her beach-blonde hair and annoyingly perfect features, Tanya Linney featured in eleventy-seventy fashion spreads in Dolly magazine during her 'chosen one' reign.

Interestingly, Dolly seemed to choose two of their fave models and send them off on a tropical retreat each year. The result was several fashion shoots and cover shots that would feature in the months ahead. Just like it was Alison Brahe & Alison Jones in 1990, Angelique Bennett & Rebecca Kelly in 1991, and Camille Bancroft & Stacey Meier in 1993, Tanya Linney & Erica Baxter (aka Erica Packer) were the gal pal team for 1994.

Dolly July 1993

Dolly December 1993

Dolly April 1994


Dolly December 1994

Dolly Special 1994


#2. Anna Louise Gould

Anna Louise Gould has the rare distinction of being a bonafide Dolly Girl of the '80s AND the '90s <insert golf clap here> She was so young and adorable when she started her modelling career in the mid-80s. By the mid-90s Anna Louise had matured into a more sophisticated and self-assured Dolly girl who also appeared in higher end glossy magazines from time to time.

The July 1991 issue of Dolly magazine with Anna Louise Gould on the cover holds a special little place in my heart. It was the very first Dolly magazine that I ever bought. I remember reading it cover to cover, over and over, again and again. I couldn't wait for the next issue to come out! When I found a copy on eBay and cracked it open it was like I was right there in 1991 again.

Dolly June 1986

Dolly October 1986

Dolly June 1989

Dolly November 1989

Dolly Special 1990

Dolly July 1991

#1. Alison Brahe

So here we are at numero uno...

... to anyone even vaguely up on their '80s/'90s Dolly magazine trivia there are no surprises here. Quite simply - Alison Brahe was THE Dolly girl!

Featuring in a few spreads during the late-80s, Alison Brahe really made her mark from the turn of the decade onwards. She had the most amazing looong blonde hair, a knockout body and quite possibly the most dazzling of smiles ever seen in print media. And ohh how we loved seeing all of those Alison Brahe editorials that frequented the pages of our teen girl bible?!?

Even though I only started buying Dolly in 1991 my school art room had a stash of magazines to 'inspire' us and to use in our 'art'. I remember spending our lessons tearing out pages & pages of Alison Brahe spreads - and plenty more aside - which is probably why so much of the '80s & '90s material is so familiar to me. When I think of where all those magazines (from the art room and my own personal collection) ended up it makes me want to cry. CRYYY I TELLS YOU!!!

We've had quite a few requests for Alison Brahe fashion spreads. The good news for everyone is... we've got plenty more Alison Brahe hidden in the Double Denim Days vault to share! You're very welcome.

Dolly March 1986

Dolly March 1990

Dolly June 1990

Dolly August 1990

Dolly October 1990

Dolly November 1990

Dolly September 1991

Dolly June 1992

Dolly September 1992

Dolly September 1993



(well, +2 actually... )

Niki & Krissy Taylor

1993 saw the start of Dolly Magazine's (& ours!) obsession with the genetically blessed Taylor sisters - Niki & Krissy. Niki had burst onto the fashion scene a couple of years earlier with covers and editorials in all of the big name glossies. She walked for big deal designers like Thierry Mugler (who could forget that motorbike corset?) and Valentino, and was a favourite of Dolly's US twin, Seventeen magazine. That was where Krissy entered the scene.

Magazines like Seventeen and Dolly loved featuring the two of them together. They were the teen magazine equivalent of a 'hook' in a book - something new and different, and awesome. It didn't take long for Krissy to land her own covers and editorials.

The younger of the two, Krissy, was the ultimate girl-next-door model. Teen magazines had their highest circulation numbers with Krissy on the cover; she was definitely on the path towards a career that would rival her big sisters. Tragically, Krissy passed away suddenly at age 17, in 1995, from complications of a heart condition.

Niki & Krissy Taylor issues are still the most sought after on the vintage Dolly magazine scene today. Again, I cry when I think of all those beautiful Dolly magazines that ended up on the back of a garbage truck and ultimately as landfill. #sosad #ithurts #itreallyreallyhurts

Dolly February 1993

Dolly April 1993

Dolly August 1993

Dolly October 1993

Dolly February 1994

Dolly May 1994


Dolly November 1994

Dolly January 1995