Time Capsule | June 1986

We've just finished dusting off our latest Time Capsule, and we're happy to report the findings are good. Very good in fact. Choice movies, cool music, and classic fashions await your full undivided attention. So go ahead and get your mid-80s flashback on and enjoy our June 1986 Time Capsule...



There's certainly some ridgey-didge A grade, top shelf movie magic to be found in our June 1986 Time Capsule. With the obvious exception of Back To School (really Rodney Dangerfield? Really?) you've got yourself a pretty decent weekend movie marathon if you add a couple of bags of Maltesers and Fantales.

A good hit of comedy awaits with Ruthless People, Running Scared and '80s teen fave Ferris Beuller's Day Off, but it is perennial gems Labyrinth and Top Gun that shine just a little bit brighter amongst this bunch.

Labyrinth was never my bag, but I get why it's such a big deal for many people. Top Gun on the other hand, well that movie has always been and always will be very much my bag indeed. There's only one tiny flaw in Top Gun that bears mentioning... with Berlin's 'Show Me Heaven' setting the mood for some good old-fashioned nookie, we see a thick line of spag running between Maverick and Charlie's mouths. Yup, that exchange of bodily fluids has always urked me, but the rest of the movie is perfection. Perfection!

Clickety-click on the movie posters to watch the trailers...


Feast your eyes on this amazing collection of solid gold '80s tracks! Madonna, Simply Red, Billy Ocean and Belinda Carlisle... do I need to go on?!?

No. But I will anyway...

George Michael (may he rest in peace), Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace), OMD and The Bangles! Amazing classics like these need to be fully appreciated on a regular basis, so feel free to clickety-click on the single covers to watch the music videos...


Dang there's a lot of good things going on with this here snapshot of June 1986 fashion. How amazing is the first Dolly spread?!! That military look was huge on the music scene in the mid-90s - particularly with the new romantics such as Spandau Ballet & Duran Duran.

There's also some opposing styles going on here as well. Belles de Nuit from Vogue (UK) is hella heavy on the fru-fru, while its US sister magazine features more structured lines in Very Welcome Additions

I also love love LOVE the little DIY hair accessories with Alison Brahe & Anna Louise Gould from Dolly. The style of that feature, with the girls pulling their best deer-in-headlights is quite simply too awesome. #classicdolly


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1986 Special

Vogue (US) | June 1986

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1986 Special

Vogue (UK) | June 1986

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1986 Special

Vogue (US) | June 1986

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1986 Special

Vogue (US) | June 1986

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1986 Special


Vogue (UK) June 1986

Cover: Lisa Kaufmann | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier

Belles de Nuit: Christy Turlington, Kristen McMenamy & Jeny Howarth | Photography: Arthur Elgort | Hair: Christiaan | Makeup: Mary Greenwell

Vogue (US) June 1986

Cover: Shari Belafonte-Harper | Photography: Richard Avedon | Hair: Garren | Makeup: Ariella

Hot Stuff: Christy Turlington & Patty McHugh | Photography: Wayne Maser | Hair: Frederic | Makeup: Maris de Schneider

Summer Beauty: Paulina Porizkova | Photography: Richard Avedon | Hair: Suga | Makeup: Franccois Nars

Very Welcome Additions: Christy Turlington + Unknown | Photography: Andrea Blanch | Hair & Makeup: Rick Gillette

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | June 1986

Cover: Anna Louise Gould | Photography: Graham Shearer | Makeup: Deborah Carson | Hair: Nick Ziegler


Inner City Blues: Anna Louise Gould + Sibyl + Amanda | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair: Nick Zeigler | Makeup: Deborah Carson

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1986 Special

Cover: Unknown | Photography: Joe Hill | Hair & Makeup: Val Garland

Back To Black: Unknown | Photography: Naoki | Hair: Cyrill Zenhausen | Makeup: Deborah Carson

Knit One: Unknown || Photography: Grant Matthews || Hair & Makeup: Aaren

Making It Military: Unknown | Photography: Shane Martin | Styling: Simon McDowell | Hair: Chris Coonrod | Makeup: Michelle Devereux

The Unreal Thing: Alison Brahe & Anna Louise Gould | Photography: Michael Zeppetello | Hair & Makeup: Mara Saico