1-Minute Fashion Fix | Vogue (Germany) July 1994

In the days before the interwebs we relied on the glossy magazines for our sneaky peaks at the big designer shows overseas. Collection features like this one, from Vogue (Germany), were our window to international fashion on the runways.

It was such a treat to flick through these pages and see all of the big name models with all of the big name designer threads draped over their impossibly perfect bodies.

The early to mid '90s was such an exciting time for fashion. Designers took risks, and the results were mostly awesome. I love the pages that follow; they take me back to my teens when I absolutely loved fashion even if I never was a fashionable person per se.


Vogue (Germany) | July 1994

Cover: Nicole Maddox | Photography: Albert Watson | Stylist: Freddie Leiba | Makeup: Mark Hayles | Hair: Enzo Laera

Herbstreport: Runway Collections | Photography: Axel Seibmann; Barbara Kurgan