Time Capsule | September 1988

As another month draws to a close it's time to dig up another Time Capsule. This time we're having a butcher's look at September 1988, a time when I was still in primary school - bless my own cotton socks with pom poms on the heels.

I've always loved my music, even from such a young age, and the playlist for September 1988 is once again a corker. There's a virtual truckload of fashion as well which, in part, makes up for the slightly lackluster movies list. So let's get straight into it!



With the exception of Gorillas In The Mist I haven't seen any of these movies. It looks like 1988 was a great time for comedies with Tom Hanks, Sally Field and Billy Crystal all having flicks out around September. I'll have to be on the lookout in a bargain bins for a copy of Dead Ringers though... Andrew McCarthy & Matt Dillon? Yes please!

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Feast your eyes on these great tunes! A bit of Climie Fisher, Guns N' Roses and Tracy Chapman make for an eclectic mix of ditties. Two of my fave pop princesses Kylie and Debbie continued their assault on music charts around the world, while Bobby McFerrin, Weird Al Yankovic and Yello danced the line between comedy and music.

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Neutral tones. So many neutral tones. Fortunately there's a few splashes of colour sprinkled throughout these spreads or we'd all be suffering from a neutral tone overdose. We'll start with two cute Dolly spreads, and work our way through to the more sophisticated editorials of Vogue and Elle.

My faves here are: Amazing Greys and Opposites Attract from Vogue (US) and Vanessa Kelly's Bikini Beach in Dolly. I am very much hoping, once again, that the furs are all fake!


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | September 1988

Vogue (US) | September 1988

ELLE (US) | September 1988

Vogue (UK) | September 1988

ELLE (UK) | September 1988


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | September 1988

Cover: Sally & Ashley Paske

Bikini Beach: Vanessa Kelly | Photography: Grant Matthews | Hair & Makeup: Steven Price

Paradise Lost: Saskia | Photography: Grant Matthews | Hair & Makeup: Steven Price

Vogue (US) | September 1988

Cover: Carré Otis | Photography: Richard Avedon | Makeup: Maria de Schneider

Amazing Greys - Furs and Accessories: Models Unknown | Photography: Steven Meisel | Hair: Eric Gabriel | Makeup: Laura Mercier

Color - Taking It Easy: Kara Young | Photography: Wayne Maser | Hair: John Sahag | Makeup: Lydia Snyder

New Night Time Spirit: Celia Peck, Jennifer Grey, Julia Roberts, Kim Griest & Marlee Matlin | Photography: Arthur Elgort | Hair: Oribe | Makeup: Kevyn Aucoin

Opposites Attract: Cordula Reyer | Photography: Irving Penn | Hair: Eric Gabriel | Makeup: Kevyn Aucoin

Pow... and Polish: Carré Otis | Photography: Wayne Maser | Hair: John Sahag | Makeup: Kevyn Aucoin

You're All Set To Go: Famke Janssen + Unknown | Photography: Walter Chin | Hair: Didier Malige | Makeup: Sonia Kashuk


ELLE (US) | September 1988

Cover: Rachel Williams | Photography: Gilles Bensimon

Soft & Tailored: Claudia Schiffer | Photography: Gilles Bensimon | Stylist: Douce De Andia-Le Tellier

Vogue (UK) | September 1988

Cover: Paulina Porizkova

Far Out: Julie Anderson | Photography: Andrew MacPherson | Hair: Sam McKnight | Makeup: Mary Greenwell

Gloriously Decorated: Fabienne Terwinghe, Gail O'Neill & Rachel Williams | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Hair: Sam McKnight | Makeup: Mary Geenwell

New Shades Of Modern: Estelle Lefebure | Photography: Herb Ritts | Hair: Sam McKnight | Makeup: George Newell


ELLE (UK) | September 1988

Cover: Suzanne Lanza | Photography: Robert Erdmann | Hair: Guido | Makeup: Carol Brown

A Shining New Season For British Evenings: Naomi Campbell | Photography: Terence Donovan | Stylist: Harriet Jagger | Hair: Robertino Trovati | Makeup: Martin Pretorius

Hope you've all enjoyed our September 1988 Time Capsule! Next month I think we should jump ahead a few years and unearth an early '90s Time Capsule. I know I buried it around here somewhere...