Spotlight On | Revlon Ads

The '80s and '90s was the absolute pinnacle for fashion magazines. The fashion was daring and original and, best of all, interesting. Towards the end of the '80s the best of the best fashion models took on superhero type identities, and they became known as the 'supermodels'.

Fashion magazines were bursting at the sides with beauty and style. The ads were just as glamorous and as much of a draw-card as the features themselves. Those girls must have been rolling in the cash, like literally rolling in it. Yep, just rollin' around... back and forth... making glorious, well-toned money angels on their floors... and cash waterfalls in their manicured gardens.

Revlon ads were definitely up there with the best of them. They were like a little style bonus. And they totally worked. I've never been much of a makeup girl, but what I did buy was pretty much always Revlon. Except for mascara. Mascara always had to be, and still has to be, that pink & green one from Maybelline that we saw the models using in backstage photos.

So here's a few key ad campaigns from Revlon in the '80s & '90s. We probably haven't even scratched the surface of just how many ran in the magazines back then, but they are definitely some of the best. If you're a Cindy Crawford fan, you'll probably be very much into this post.


Revlon | Most Unforgettable Women In The World

The 'Most Unforgettable Women In The World' campaign from Revlon went on for years. They grouped together some of the world's biggest & brightest models and celebrated diversity by naming the girl and the country she was from. The ads were usually double page and always super stunning.

Cara Leigh || Lisa Kaufmann || Amie Morgan || Ashley Richardson

Frederique van der Wal || Karin Lund || Kim Alexis || Clare Hoak

Kersti Bowser |I Christy Turlington || Cindy Crawford || Paulina Porizkova

Linda Spierings || Rebecca Ghiglieri || Estelle Lefebure || Kathryn Redding

Michele Brooks || Nastasia Urbano || Linda Evangelista || Sandra Zatezalo

Rosie Vela || Patti Hansen || Rene Russo || Beverly Johnson

Tatjana Patitz || Iman || Talisa Soto || Jerry Hall

Alexa Singer || Sandra Zatezalo || Milla Jovovich

Lauren Helm || Tara D'Ambrosio || Rebecca Ghiglieri || Hunter Reno

Cathy Fedoruk || Tara Krahn || Josie Borain

Claudia Schiffer || Rachel Hunter || Paula Abboott || Rachel Williams

Cordula Reyer || Fabienne Terwinghe || Michaela Bercu || Carre Otis

Jerry Hall || Rachel Williams || Patti Hansen || Estelle Lefebure

Monica Bellucci || Carmen San Martin

Susan Miner || Maki || Janice Dickinson

Beverly Johnson || Louise Vyent || Iman

Daniela Pestova || Annette Roque || Elaine Irwin

Estelle Lefebure || Tatjana Patitz || Linda Evangelista

Gail Elliot || Cindy Crawford || Iman

Christy Turlington || Rachel Williams || Cindy Crawford

Alexa Singer || Beth Ruppert || Claudia Mason || Lauren Helm

Cynthia Lamontagne || Robyn Mackintosh || Donna Alexander

Kara Young || Laurence Treil || Christy Turlington

Lauren Hutton || Shelley Hack

... and then there were these awkward celebrity versions (the Oprah WInfrey ad is the stuff of nightmares!)...

Audrey Hepburn

Frank & Barbara Sinatra

Brook Shields

Liza Minnelli

Melanie Griffiths & Don Johnson

Oprah Winfrey


Revlon | Cindy Crawford

If there is one name synonymous with the Revlon brand, it's that of Ms Cindy Crawford. The 'One Perfect Coral' & 'Wild Berries' pages are amazing and bring back so many memories of having my nose permanently stuck in a fashion magazine during my teens.


Revlon | Claudia Schiffer

Giving Cindy C a run for her money was Claudia Schiffer. Sometimes she went solo and sometimes she buddied up with Cindy for a bit of pro-e-motional support.


Revlon | Double Play

The girls get their sport on in this rando campaign. Pffft... I didn't buy it in the '90s, and I'm not buying it now - I don't see a single bead of sweat or a single matted hair. Lies! All lies!


Revlon | in the 1980s

Paulina Porizkova is the very definition of 1987 sass. Blush will never be as major as it was in the '80s.


Revlon | A bunch of noteworthy random ads...

Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen & Estelle all took home a few wigwams from Revlon shoots over the years too.