1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly 1985 Special

FINALLY! This elusive Francoise Skeates editorial has been found! We know of at least one Double Denim Lover who will be happy to see this complete spread.

Predominantly black, these pieces are body-hugging and paired with a few choice accessories. My favourite would have to be the double page pic of Francoise sprawling herself all over a coffee table, as you do. Girl must really love her local coffee shop... and their furniture. It's a ridiculous pose, but it's strangely smokin' hot!

Hopefully we find more Francoise Skeates spreads in the future, she had such a great '80s look!


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | 1985 Special

Cover: Maylen | Photography: Andrew Southam | Hair: David Grainger | Makeup: Deborah Carson

Tight Fit: Francoise Skeates | Photography: Bill Ling | Hair & Makeup: Aaren