'80s Masters Of Music | Bros 'Push' (1988)

Before Backstreet Boys, before N*Sync and before Boyz II Men... Before Take That, before Westlife... but not quite before New Kids On The Block, there was Bros.

ICYMI: Bros were a three-piece boy band (but not really a boy band) made up of twins Matt & Luke Goss, and ring-in, Craig Logan.

The boys shared a common love of ripped jeans, Doc Martens and statement jackets. Craig liked to wear shirts and jackets with 'BASS' blazoned across them, just in case we forgot what instrument he played. #basslove

Poor Craggles, he was always a bit of a third wheel, and his departure from the group came soon after the hit debut album Push, and all of the hooplah that went along with it. At least he was one third of Bros during their most fruitful phase - I'm sure he was well taken care of.

The Goss twins followed up on the success of Push with another (pretty good!) album called The Time. My sister was mad keen on Bros, and thus The Time was one of the first CDs to come into our home. For those of you playing at home, other titles included Rick Astley 'Hold Me In Your Arms', Harry Connick Jr 'Blue Light, Red Light' and Alanis Morissette 'Jagged Little Pill'.

I have this thing where I really dig singers with distinctive voices. Songs are written every day, and it's almost a lottery on whether they become hits or not, but a really unique voice goes a long way. What I mean by this is a voice that even without seeing the singer, or having heard the song before, you can tell straight up who it is. For me, Matt Goss is one of those singers.

Matt would do this low, guttural growl-type thing all the time - if you're up on all your Bros you'll know exactly what I mean, and if you're not - click on any of the singles below and I guarantee that in 3-4 minutes time you'll also know what I mean. Matt Goss put the grrrr in grrrr.

Matt was also a bit of a show pony. He kind of had to be since Luke was stuck behind his drum kit all of the time, and Craig was left plucking his bass off to the side in the guitar-stance equivalent of a harry-high-pants. If you go back and "study" Matt carefully, as I have done as part of my "research" for this article, you can tell he was influenced, at least in part, by one Michael Jackson. He didn't mind throwing in a high-pitched 'hoo' or two every now and then, and he often sported MJ-style gloves during live performances. And I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Matt's signature move - a move I like to call the 'to infinity and beyond/spirit fingers' move - was inspired by Mickey J as well.

Matt's showmanship aside, Bros was a three man band, and Push was just a really great pop album at a time when pop music was gold dust. We've assembled the best of the best tunes from Push below, and we hope you enjoy catching up with the Bros lads as much as we have.

*** Bros Fun Fact: Cat Among The Pigeons & Silent Night were released in November 1988 as a double A side single. It was probably a bit beyond twelve year old me to understand, but the music video for Silent Night was actually a continuation of the storyline played out in Cat Among The Pigeons.

An angsty Matt runs away from home (yes, as an adult man - don't think about it too hard, there are no answers) in Cat Among The Pigeons, and Luke & Craig have been tasked with the mission of finding him. The final shot is of Matt opening a door that reveals nothing more than a steady stream of bright light, and he ventures inside.

 The first shot of Silent Night shows us that the source of the bright light was from inside a church - possibly from the big man himself, and Matt proceeds to pour his little heart out until Luke & Craig finally catch up with him and show their solidarity. It's all very moving and heartwarming. Check it out for yourself...


Push | The Singles

Clickety-click on the cover art to watch the music video OR listen to the entire album --> HERE!

When Will I Be Famous? (1987)

Drop The Boy (1988)

I Owe You Nothing (1988)

I Quit (1988)

Cat Among The Pigeons (1988)

Silent Night (1988)