1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly March 1994

Today's 1-Minute Fashion Fix features one of the Dolly girl all-stars. In the '80s and '90s there was a few select girls who featured time and time again, and Angelique Bennett was one of them. She was/is also MY favourite Dolly model. She first popped up in the late '80s and continued to feature well into the '90s.

I always took my hair inspiration from Angelique as we had the same fine hair. When I first saw the following fashion spread I was floored by how amazing her hair cut & colour was. It looks so chic & modern. There's no way I could ever pull off such a short crop, but on Angelique it looks amazing! This is a great spread from 1994 and I really think the clothes featured here still hold up today - more than two decades later. With styling by Carlotta Moye this is an all-round vintage Dolly classic. Enjoy!

Dolly (Australia) March 1994


Dolly Magazine (Australia) March 1994

Cover: Shannan Camilleri | Photography: Carlotta Moye | Hair & Makeup: Wayne Chic

Art & Soul: Angelique Bennett & Davis | Photography: Prue Ruscoe | Styling: Carlotta Moye | Hair & Makeup: Nic Morley