Time Capsule | December 1983

Time to dig up and dust off another Time Capsule! How does everybody feel about December 1983? I'm feeling pretty good about December 1983 - particularly when it comes to December 1983 music! What an absolute corker of a playlist. I almost feel like skipping the flicks section so we can get there faster. But all good things for those who come to wait (or something something something), so let's just dive right in!



December 1983 had a pretty decent variety of genres for the cinema-going public. I'm not sure what was going on with a Mr T. movie - D.C. Cab - but I'm happy to acknowledge it and quietly move on. But I simply MUST MUST MUST see Two Of A Kind without further delay! It definitely looks like my kind of movie.

Clickety-click on the movie posters to refresh your memory with some genuine December 1983 movie trailer action...


So get a load of this tasty tray of treat tunes! If it's gents club beats you're after you've got your Culture Club, your Duran Duran, your Spandau Ballet, and your Rolling Stones. If it's some solid gold chick rock you'd prefer you can enjoy some Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and a side of Pat Benetar, yes please! But if duets are more your thing, saddle up for Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack, and keep holding on for the mother of all duets from Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton. There's plenty more A-grade 1983 tunes where those came from - it's almost too much for my retro-lovin' heart to handle.

As always clickety-click on the cover art to bask in the glory of these music videos, or you can check out our ever-growing ---> '80s Music Playlist.

You're very welcome.


I am so in love with the Dolly editorials from this months Time Capsule, especially the Bright Alternatives and Street Scenes spreads. 100% definitive '80s street fashion. Loving it! On the glossies front, I'm just really hoping the Fur... With A Shade Of Difference spread is all fake fur!


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | December 1983

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | December 1983

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | Deluxe 1983

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | Deluxe 1983

Vogue (US) | December 1983

Vogue (US) | December 1983


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | December 1983

Cover: Samantha Ward | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair & Makeup: Richard Sharah

Moving Pictures: Angelique Bennett & Unknown | Photography: Greg Barrett | Makeup: Richard Sharah | Hair: Stephen Gould

Dolly Magazine | Deluxe 1983

Cover: Julie Savona & Stuart D'Arcy | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair: Tony Guthrie | Makeup: Boots No.7

Street Scenes: Unknown | Photography: Antony Potts | Makeup: Sharman Smit | Hair: Lloyd & Rennia

Shore Things: Unknown | Photography: Graham Shearer

Vogue (US) | December 1983

Cover: Isabella Rossellini | Photography: Richard Avedon | Hair: Garren | Makeup: Ariella

Spring '84 Ideas: Laetitia Firmin-Didot & Unknown | Photography: Helmut Newton | Hair: Bruno | Makeup: Anne marie Barthelemy

Furs... With A Shade Of Difference: Elisabetta Ramela | Photography: Lothar Schmid | Hair & Makeup: Rick Gillette

Don't mind me... I'm still coming to terms with how awesome that music playlist is!