Flashback Friday | Today I Am A Daisy

The '60s sure had a pretty good crack at daisy power - how amazing is that Vogue cover from 1962 of Jean Shrimpton's eye and daisy hat!? But the daisy really became a thing - a truly fabulous thing - in the '90s. The daisy shared a wee bit of its spotlight with the humble sunflower throughout the '90s, but what can I say?... I'm a daisy girl!


Covergirl cosmetics sure knew what was what with daisies in the '90s. It was a simple formula, but it worked a treat. Take one super-annoyingly gorgeous supermodel, named Niki Taylor, add one single daisy, because that's all you can afford at the flower markets after shelling out Niki T's fee, snap a couple of happy snaps and voila! You've got yourself a multi-million dollar ad campaign.

I bet my skin would look delish if I used that makeup! Take my money now please.

Niki's younger sister, Krissy, was also a fan of flower power. She was one of those who partied on the side with those sunflower rogues, but there's very few people who could pull off a daisy bikini like Krissy.

I don't think I've ever felt so depressed as I do right now, looking at that photo.

But moving on...

Amy Grant decided to take the daisy fad to a whole new level and pranced around in front of an entire wall of daisies in her 1991 music video for Every Heartbeat. But one daisy wall does not a daisy statement make. To really drive the daisy deal home Amy found herself a bit more cash in the flower warehouse budget than Covergirl and grabbed hold of cute little bunch of delightful daisies in front of her vast daisy wall while lip-syncing her annoyingly upbeat tune. It's almost a daisy overload!

Never one to fade away like a flower, Aussie rocker chic Deborah Conway took up the daisy-dare and laid down a whole daisy-ditty of her own in 1993 - Today I Am A Daisy!

Can you get any more daisy-tastic than that? Announcing to the world that today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but TODAY, I am a daisy!

Today I AM a mother-flipping daisy! Such a powerful statement. I had the cassingle of this song as a daisy-loving teen back in the day. Cool tune. Much daisy.

But the final word on daisy power simply must go to the Queen of the '90s Daisy Movement - a one Ms Drew Barrymore. For a while there she was rarely seen without her trademark daisies. She was just so gosh-darn cute with her daisies in her hair, and her daisies on her necklaces, and daisies all around her in her sea of daisies. Daisies. Daisies. Drew and her daisies. Daisy.

Everything that goes around comes around, so I'm expecting a new wave of daisy fever to hit any day now. I'm thinking that if I diet really really hard between now and December I'll almost definitely, maybe, be able to fit one leg into Krissy's daisy bikini in time for Summer. Possibly.

Daisy goals!