Movie Moments Of The '80s | Grease 2 (1982)


This post may contain spoilers. I shouldn't even be needing to write this disclaimer. If you haven't already watched this movie at least once you really should be taking a good, long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and seriously questioning what you're doing with your life.

Let's get straight down to it. I have seriously erred by not discussing this magical piece of cinematic history until now. Now I know there's going to be a few people out there who take serious umbrage with my assertion that Grease 2 is waaay better than its predecessor. But what of it? I'm just calling it like I see it.

Grease 2 was one of a few choice movies on VHS that I kept in a secret place, lest they get mistakenly taped over with something ridiculous like 60 Minutes. Sure I snapped off that little bit of plastic that rendered the tape frozen in time, but even the dumbest of dumbasses knew how to bypass that little barrier - sticky tape anyone?

Other titles in my secret stash included Portfolio (1983) and The Karen Carpenter Story (1989) - hence my love of the super-naff brother/sister duo, The Carpenters. But I digress...

Needless to say, I would watch Grease 2 practically every weekend, sometimes multiple times. And I have continued to Grease 2, frequently, to this very day. A conservative guess at how many times I have Grease 2-ed would be somewhere in the mid-hundreds. I know every nuance, every bit of dialogue, every song and every magnificent key change within those songs. I can even tell you the exact points where the ads cut in on my TV-taped copy. But that's enough about me, let us now head back to school, again - to Rydell High, 1961.

From the moment the school flag drops on Principal McGee & Blanche in the 1st minute it's a non-stop-super-happy-fun-ride, and the fun doesn't stop until 110 minutes later - a dejected Michael singing the very melancholy 'Charades' in the school cafeteria, and the haunting dream sequence duet of '(Love Will) Turn Back The Hands Of Time' between presumed-dead-biker-Michael & distraught-heart-broken-angel-Stephanie, being the heart-wrenching exceptions to the fun rule.

You just can't deny the pure mastery of this musical. It starts with the casting and characters. Michelle Pfeiffer + Maxwell Caulfield = genius! The T-Birds led by Johnny Nogerelli. The Pink Ladies in their cool as frosty froyo pink lady jackets. The budding inter-faculty romance between busty Miss Mason and Mr Spears' substitute, Mr Stuart. Ratface Balmudo. The prudish twins. Geeky Eugene. Coach Calhoun. Need I go on?

And yes, I do own the soundtrack. How could you not? This movie is bursting at the seams with epic musical numbers like 'Score Tonight' where the Grease 2 kids get their ten pin bowling on, the enlightening little biology ditty 'Reproduction', and my personal favourite 'Who's That Guy?'. Who's that guy indeed. At some point we all need to acknowledge and revel at the sheer beauty of Michelle Pfeiffer, as Stephanie, palming Michael Carrington's advances off with the very bad-ass, and very very cool, 'Cool Rider'. And this seems like a pretty good time to do just that...

It's no wonder Michelle Pfeiffer is looking for a cool rider. She's so hot in her skinny black jeans, her reversed pink lady issue jacket and her amazing hair that she totally needs someone to cool her down!

I've met some fellow Grease 2 fans over the years. A couple of them weren't even born yet when Grease 2 was released. Jeepers, I was only 4 or 5 myself! But I've had a wee fossick around on the interwebs over the years and there's definitely a cult following for Grease 2. These are my people.

If you've never watched this flick, please return to the spoiler alert at the head of this post and proceed accordingly. There's so much to love about this movie, I could chatter about it until the cows come home. I'd love to hear from any other Grease 2-ers out there. Fear not, Double Denim Days is most definitely a Grease 2 safe place.

POST NOTE: As a working Script Supervisor I have a bit of a thing for well executed eyelines. In the last workshop I ran for film school students I held the following eyeline shots up as the gold standard of eyelines. For context, Michael and Stephanie are walking down two flights of stairs. Michael offers Stephanie scholastic assistance for her Shakespeare paper, but Stephanie is non-committal and aloof. Michael forges ahead down the next flight of stairs, stops, and throws a smokin' hot glance back up at Stephanie on the higher level. The result is eyeline porn. Simple. Classic. The ducks nuts.

Grease 2 | Michael & Stephanie Eyeline