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Love 'em or loathe 'em, you can't deny their impact on the pop music scene in the late '80s/early '90s. The Stock Aitken Waterman 'signature sound' was everywhere back then. Ev-er-y where.

Poor you if you found their style irritating, 'cause there was pretty much no getting away from it.

Personally, I loved me some solid SAW gold back in the day, and - because we're all friends here - I can confirm that I still do.

(I also do a pretty mean Rick Astley impersonation with just the right amount of liquid courage...)

For anyone struggling to remember what all the fuss was about with the SAW team, and how they came to pop music power, - here's a little recap (for context)...

3 pommy lads (Mike Stock, Matt Aitken & Pete Waterman) put their heads together one day and decide to knock out a few cheeky tunes to see if they can make a bit of spare cash. A few of those songs do pretty good, and so they decide to do a few more.

By now the lads are getting kinda busy. They're hanging the gold records on the walls, having nailed it with great songs for acts like Rick Astley, Bananarama & Mel & Kim. Life is pretty good.

At this point a tiny creature from Australia with untamed, curly hair enters the picture. Said tiny creature takes a trip to the UK to meet the lads. Legend has it they effectively side-step her for the duration of her stay in their fair lands, having little to no idea of who the hell she is.

But she's a persistent little thing, and thus the boys throw her a bone and grant her a half hour or so in the studio to lay down vocal for a little ditty they've knocked out on the fly.

I think we can safely assume they weren't 100% committed to the girl at the time, but that would soon change. The girl was Kylie Minogue; the song was I Should Be So Lucky.

From here we can just roll the soft focus flashback reel, which consists predominantly of Kylie Minogue music videos and the SAW lads cleansing themselves in large baths of money. Eventually we come to around 1993-ish when the wheels start falling off the wagon, coinciding with Kylie's departure from the label.

It might have been a short ride - less than a decade, in fact - but what we're left with is a vault full of awesome pop tunes. I'm pretty dubious of people who bag SAW out. How could anyone NOT tap their feet to classic tracks like 'Better The Devil You Know', 'Love In The First Degree' & 'Respectable'? Impossible! Yes, it's repetitive. Yes, it's bubblegum pop. Yes, it's Jason Donovan FFS! But there's a whole bunch of pop-tastic greatness to love here, if you just open yourself up to it.

Embrace it... Love it... Surrender to it...



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For maximum entertainment make sure you watch The Twins music video for 'All Mixed Up'. When dissing SAW songs, a lot of people cite their overuse of auto-tuning. Let's just say they didn't bother going to all that trouble for Neighbours stars Gayle & Gillian Blakeney. Great wardrobe though!


Click on the cover art to watch the music video OR get your Kylie on and watch the singles playlist in full HERE!

(Note: a few of Kylie's official videos have annoyingly been taken down - hopefully the music moguls will give us our Kylie classics back soon.)


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I'll now hand this post over to Morris Minor & The Majors for the last word on Stock Aitken Waterman...