'80s Fashion Fix | Ladies in Red

This article was supposed to be just a short piece with a few Dolly Magazine editorials, and a couple of standout red-wearers. But I fell down a red fashion rabbit hole & I'm seriously stoked with what I found! If there's anything to take away from this post it's that the '80s loved red, and red loved the '80s!

ARE YOU REaDy?   <---truly shameful pun attempt. I do apologise. Cue the mood music!


Magazine covers were red hot. Brooke Shields & Cindy Crawford were particularly keen for the red treatment.


Chanel Boutique took a big bottle of red dye to their '80s power suit designs.


Cyndi Lauper (1983), The Woman In Red (1984), Happy Holiday Barbie (1988), Brooke Shields (1981), Jessica Rabbit (1988) & Princess Diana (1983).

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | July 1989

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | June 1984

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | November 1984

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | December 1985


Dolly Magazine (Australia) July 1989

Cover: Tess | Photography: Steven Miller | Makeup: Annabel Bartoni | Hair: Paul Guttenbeil

Scarlet Woman: Anneliese Seubert | Photography: Warwick Orme | Hair & Makeup: Steven Price

Dolly Magazine (Australia) June 1984

Cover: Nikki Smith | Photography: Graham Shearer | Stylist: Patricia Merk | Hair & Makeup: Richard Keogh

REaDy To Wear: Models Unknown | Photography: Graham Shearer | Makeup: Phillipe | Hair: Bernard Casey

Dolly Magazine (Australia) November 1984

Cover: Annette | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair & Makeup: Richard Keogh

Reds: Model Unknown | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair & Makeup: Richard Keogh

Dolly Magazine (Australia) December 1985

Cover: Sarah Gallagher | Photography: Grant Matthews | Hair: Tony Guthrie | Makeup: Smilka

Some Like It Hot: Model Unknown | Photography: Graham Shearer