1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly August 1991

You asked for it, so now we're delivering it!

Our new regular feature, 1-Minute Fashion Fix, means more of the '80s & '90s fashion spreads you love and have been crying out for more of. Think of it as a fashion quickie to tide you over in between posts. We're really pumped for this, and hope you are too!

Our first 'Fashion In-A-Flash' is from Dolly August 1991, and features everyone's favourite '80s & '90s Dolly girl - Alison Brahe. Enjoy!

Dolly Magazine (Australia) August 1991

Cover: Rebecca Kelly & Bruce Samazan | Photography: Brian Nice | Hair & Makeup: Michelle Deveraux

Exam Cram: Alison Brahe | Photography: Christof Strube | Hair & Makeup: Noni Smith | Styling: Carlotta Moye