'80s/'90s Fashion Fix | Copycats

In almost any other situation it's not such a good thing to be a copycat.

You're sitting your final exams and you pull out a sneaky cheat sheet. That's not good. Your mate jumps off a bridge yelling out for you to do the same. That's not good. You're in a fish n chip shop and the person before you orders the barramundi, and you say 'I'll have what he's having', but little do you know the barramundi is off, and you spend the rest of the night in the bathroom. Say it with me now... that's not good.

But the rules get a little bendy when it comes to staying out of the ire of the fashion police. Fashion is a cyclical beast. What goes around comes back around before too long, and sometimes we just flat out copy the shiitake mushrooms out of what we see around us.

I just love the way the following fashion spreads from various Dolly Magazines are completely upfront with the copycat phenomena. No apologies. No disguises. Just 100% 'we like that, so we're going to copy it, and you should too'. And why not? Who are we to stand in anyone's way if they want to rock out like Boy George? Go hard or go home I say.

Our first 'copycat' editorial is from November 1983. The style icons of the day were Bananarama, Culture Club & Haysi Fantayzee - so basically just a whole lotta rags tied in to well-teased hair.

Then there's two issues with Aussie TV celebshamming it up as style icons like Prince and Madonna. See how successful they were (or weren't) with their star style briefs.

The last little feature is of three Aussie models copycatting 'The Trinity' of the early '90s modelling scene - Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington & Naomi Campbell. Of course it helps to be a model already if you're trying to look like a model, but lets just shake that depressing reality off and push forward with today's fashion fix.


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | November 1983

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | June 1992

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | September 1990

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | September 1991

Now where did I put that cone bra? I know it's around here somewhere... and I'm feeling very Madonna today...


Dolly Magazine (Australia) November 1983

Cover: Jo Ferguson | Photography: Graham Shearer | Styling: Patrica Merk

Altered Image: Models unknown | Photography: Ken Middleton | Illustrations: Donna Cross | Makeup: Kim Bowen | Hair: Aaron

Dolly Magazine (Australia) June 1992

Cover: Alison Brahe | Photography: Christine Schroeder | Hair & Makeup: Ayako

Acting Like A Hero: Toni Pearen, Alistair MacDougall, Simon Denny & Kim Wilson | Photography: Ben Watts | Hair & Makeup: Noni Smith

Dolly Magazine (Australia) September 1990

Cover: Simone | Photography: Michael Schenko | Hair & Makeup: Chris Coonrod

Idols Undercover: Andrew Daddo, Malcolm Kennard, Bruce Samazan, Greg Benson, David Reyne & Tom Jennings | Photography: Michael Schenko & Andrew Lehman

Dolly Magazine (Australia) September 1991

Cover: Alison Brahe | Photography: Michael Schenko | Hair & Makeup: Michelle Deveraux

Make Like A Model: Angelique Bennett, Rebecca Wikaira & Velma | Styling: Aileen Marr

Can you imagine what would be in articles like these if they were in today's magazines? The 'Minimalist Look' of Miley Cyrus, the 'Dweeb Look' of Justin Bieber & the 'Larger Than Life Derrière Look' of Kim Kardashian. And people wonder why I choose to hang out in the '80s & '90s still! <insert dramatic eye roll here>