'80s Masters Of Music | Bananarama 'Wow!' (1987)

Where have all the girl bands gone? There used to be SO MANY great girl bands!

Bananarama are one of the most successful girl groups of all times, and 'all times' is a very long time indeed. They have some of the most memorable pop songs of the '80s & '90s.

Wow! is my favourite album from the Bananas, although True Confessions comes in a close second.

This album is also really interesting in that there was a lineup change halfway through its promotion. Siobhan Fahey left the band following the release of the third single I Can't Help It, with Jacquie O'Sullivan sliding in to the vacant banana chair, alongside Keren Woodward & Sarah Dallin, just in time for the release of the fourth single I Want You Back.

This was all a bit of a blow for those of us whom Siobhan Fahey was our favourite banana-girl, but we did get to see her again as one half of the duo Shakespears Sister, with great songs like You're History (1989), Stay (1992) & I Don't Care (1992).

Wow! was produced by those strapping lads we've been talking a lot about lately - Stock Aitken & Waterman, and was their most commercially successful album. The album cover perfectly represents a running theme throughout the album. They were switching up the usual 'boys leering at girls' trope, with many of their music videos realising this by reducing their male dancers to not much more than eye candy. Pretty bold stuff for 1987, but then again, we were nowhere near as PC in the '80s as we are now.


Wow! | The Singles

Click on the cover art to watch the music video OR check out our Bananarama: The Singles (1982 - 1993) playlist.

I Heard A Rumour (1987)

Love In The First Degree (1987)

I Can't Help It (1987)

I Want You Back (1988)

Nathan Jones (1988)

Wow! was the last Bananarama album to enjoy any real chart success. Third wheel Jacquie left the band in 1992, with original members Sara &  Keren continuing on as a duo. The '80s & '90s were great for girl bands, and I just wish there were more of them around today.