Flashback Friday | Adult Concepts For Pre-Adults

If you think back to your school days, the memories that stand out the most probably have nothing to do with reading, writing, and counting how many pieces of fruit Lester has if he buys 3 bananas and 8 apples but drops 2 apples on his way home. As important as Lester's fruit count was, school was also our training ground for future adulthood.

And it wasn't only school hammering home some of these very grown up concepts. In the news, on the TV, in the newspapers and magazines... our eventual transformation into adults was inevitable.

Let's have a look at a few of those grown up concepts we were forced to grasp in our formative years, and the tools we had available to us...


Adult Concept: Road Safety

Training Ground: Lollipop Ladies (or Men)

Adulting Rating:  ★

You've gotta love the lollipop ladies! Out there on the street, whether it be rain, hail or shine.

I remember one particular lollipop lady who worked the main entrance crossing at my school. She ruled that crossing with an iron fist. She had rules, and you definitely didn't want to be the one who broke any of them.

If you dared to step out off the curb before that whistle had blown, well you should probably use the crossing further down the street from then on, cause as far as she was concerned you were the devil in a school uniform. Bless!


What the Freddy Mercury is all this Seek & Slide business about? When did Slip Slop Slap get so damn complicated?!




Adult Concept: Skin Cancer

Training Ground: A Singing Pelican With A Lisp On TV

Adulting Rating:  ★ ★

Every Australian knows the jingle!

Slip Slop Slap - slip on a shirt, slap on sunscreen, and slap on a hat...

... in the sun this Summer say - Slip Slop Slap.



Adult Concept: Head Injuries

Training Ground: Embrace The Stack Hat

Adulting Rating:  ★ ★ ★

Urghh they were so UGLY!!! And they messed with your hair - damnation! Hmmf.

But jiminy cricket if you were caught riding your pushy down the street with that stackhat adorning your handlebars, you were in all sorts of trouble - with a capital T

Adult Concept: Stranger Danger

Training Ground: Safety House Program

Adulting Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Remember the safety house program in the '80s? Designated houses had the safety house badge on their letterboxes, and we knew exactly where they were on the route between school and home.

This was all a super scary concept for us kids. I'm sure they didn't mean to freak us out, but you sit a bunch of kids down and talk to them about stranger danger and just see if their imaginations don't run wild with it out in the playground!




Adult Concept: Heart Health

Training Ground: Jump Rope For Heart

Adulting Rating:  ★

Sure, looking after the health of your heart is important stuff, but mastering the jump rope was the name of the game here.

Who you had on your Jump Rope For Heart team was the height of school yard politics. Friendships were made and broken with the snap of that plastic skipping rope.

And it got us out of school work for half a day. Bonus!






Adult Concept: Oral Health

Training Ground: Dentist Van Visits

Adulting Rating:  ★ ★

Why were they so hung up on torturing us? Going to the dentist was bad enough, but going to the dentist AT SCHOOL... child cruelty. Without your folks there to calm you the freddo frog down - anxiety levels ran pretty high whenever the van pulled into the school yard.



Adult Concept: Physical Fitness

Training Ground: TV

Adulting Rating:  ★

As kids, most of us are usually active enough just from being kids, but it was good to start instilling those healthy habits early on I guess.

The Life Be In It campaign was simple and effective. We threw shade on Norm for slobbing around in his TV chair eating snacks all day... which actually paints a pretty accurate picture of me last night to be honest. 'Twas slightly ironic that we were being pressed to not slob around watching TV all day - by an ad on TV.

I just think Lester should have shared a couple of his apples and bananas with Norm, and everything would've been fine.





Adult Concept: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Training Ground: Scariest TV Ad Ever

Adulting Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I don't think there has ever been a Community Service Announcement that has scared the shiitake mushrooms out of us all quite like the Grim Reaper AIDS campaign of the '80s did.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were people out there still haunted by it.

I've never looked at a bowling alley the same way since.

Adult Concept: Third World Hunger

Training Ground: 40 Hour Famine

Adulting Rating:  ★ ★ ★

I'm not sure the whole point of the 40 Hour Famine was all that clear to us at the time, but it seemed like a fun thing to do, just for shits & giggles.

I think my friends & I did the 40 Hour Famine a couple of years in a row, ad then got over it. All I really remember about it was that we were allowed to eat barley sugar lollies. Mmmmm barley sugar lollies. Lots & lots of barley sugar lollies.

All things considered I think we did our damnedest to bone up on Adulting 101 during our formative years. Some of it stuck, some of it not so much. Sometimes figuring out how many pieces of fruit Lester had got a bit tricky, but it was all good - because at least we all knew where the safety houses were, and how to slip slop slap properly.