On The Box | Out Of This World

Here's a little TV show you may not have thought about for a very long time.

Out Of This World was a US sitcom that ran from 1987 to 1991. I loved this show back in the day and have very vivid memories of Friday night TV. Ask me what I had for lunch yesterday and you'd be greeted with my 'scrunched-up-thinking-hard-about-it' face.

BUT... hit me up on on late '80s tidbits & without hesitation I can tell you that Friday nights in my house was ALF at 7:30pm, then Out Of This World at 8:00pm.

Still not ringing any bells? The opening theme song might do the trick...

The premise of this show is everything we love about ludicrous '80s TV. Girl-next-door Evie (Maureen Flannigan) has just turned 13 and learns that her father is an alien who has bestowed special powers upon her in what can only be described as the mother of all birthday presents.

By touching her two forefingers together, Evie can stop time and walk freely amidst the frozen world. To undo the freezing process she merely presses her palms together and voila! Pretty hardcore stuff for a young teen. I do remember trying to stop time using the same techniques myself, but alas my dad was not an alien. Boooo!

Evie, who has accepted her part-human part-alien lot in life, can chat to daddy dearest through a crystal prism that glows bright when the pair are in conversation. Evie's alien father, living light years away on the planet Anterius, is credited as being played by himself, but here's a little secret... Troy the Alien Dad was actually voiced by that ol' son of a gun Burt Reynolds.

This particular TV show doesn't quite stand the test of time as well as some others from that time, but I find something very comforting about canned laughter over really bad jokes. Equally as comforting here is that the clothes and hairstyles Evie and her friends wear are so indicative of what we actually wore on the street, as opposed to the less attainable stylings found in the glossy magazines and music videos.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else loved this show as much as I did, or if it's just a me thing? Quite possibly just a me thing. I'm ok with that..