Flashback Friday | Cats! Cats! Cats!

How great are cats?! Cats are just so swell. Ya gotta love cats.

To get your feline fix in 2016 all you need to do is boot up YouTube on your preferred device, and take your pick from eleventy seventy zillion cat videos. This is great for a cat woman like me.

We are living in a cat video world, and I am a cat video girl. But hard as it might be to remember, there was a time when we didn't have any interwebs. <GASP!>

In those ye olden days, we relied on the telly and books for our regular hit of cat. So today I thought we might look back at a few of those cats from yesteryear.


The Cheshire Cat

This crazy cat had me rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically when I was a kid. The Cheshire Cat might only be on screen briefly in Alice In Wonderland (1951), but he's gotta be quite a few other people's favourite, not just mine. Can you stand on your head? Classic Cheshire Cat.


Whaddaya say? Whaddaya say!? Snagglepuss must surely have been the most eloquently spoken of all the cats. He was a pretty smooth kitty who could talk his way out of any sticky situation. But if all else failed... exit... stage left... (or right).


Even though he's technically the bad guy, you can't help but love Sylvester. What else would've been more fun on a Sunday afternoon than watching an unco cat trying to catch the world's thweetest widdle birdee? The answer is nothing.

Felix The Cat

I've come to the conclusion that Felix The Cat must've been on some pretty rad anti-depressants. He's definitely the happiest cat I can think of. Almost to the point of being annoying. Almost. He was just too much of a cutie to not love him so.

Puss In Boots

Before Puss In Boots found fame thanks to the Shrek franchise, he was a beloved Little Golden Book favourite of many an '80s kid. Me included! I recently found myself a copy of this classic, for $1 in an op-shop. Score!

Mad Cat (Inspector Gadget)

Poor Mad Cat. He went & got himself all mixed up in some serious stuff with that Dr Claw a-hole. He gets so badly mistreated, but still manages to LOL it all off, and for that we paw-pump this evil feline sidekick.

The Cat In The Hat

If you were a child in the '80s and you didn't have at least a couple of Dr Seuss books on your bookshelf, well I'm sorry, but your parents are just plain cruel. They've played you for a fool. They probably even made you eat gruel. That's not enough to make you drool. Hopefully you had a library at school. And didn't live in a barn with a mule. Because that would most definitely not be too cool.


It feels like newspapers might be a thing of the past very soon, and while I can't say I was ever a huge newspaper reader, I always made time for the funnies. Garfield was a regular in our papers, alongside Andy Capp, For Better Or For WorseHägar The Horrible. The Sunday papers had that huge comic section in the middle too. I wonder if they still do? It's been years since I've read a newspaper.

MC Skat Cat

The too-cool-for-school MC Skat Cat got his big break with Paula Abdul's 1990 hit Opposites Attract. It was a great song, with a great music video to boot. Not sure what happened to MC Skat Cat after that. With his 15 minutes up, he probably burned his savings on drugs & moved in to a trash can under a bridge somewhere. 

Snowball II

Correct me if I'm wrong Simpsons fans, but there have been at least three incarnations of Snowball featured thus far in The Simpsons, with Snowball II the most prominent. Fun Fact: Snowball II was a girl cat. You learn something new every day huh?

Top Cat

Nobody messed with this switched on & streetwise tom cat. He was the leader of his gang of alley cats, and was always scamming the scammers somehow. With an answer for everything, Charlie the cop always lucked out in his mission to get rid of Top Cat and his gang of merry cats.

Fat Cat

Whoever first pitched the idea of Fat Cat was/is pure genius. Fat Cat was a dude or dudette in a massive cat costume who would come on at 7:30pm every night. Fat Cat's mama would tuck him into bed & he would blow us kids a kiss goodnight. I was always quite happy to go to bed after saying good night to Fat Cat, but not a minute before. Like I said... genius!


Q. How great are cats?

A. Really really great.