Time Capsule | October 1988

I remember 1988 primarily for the music. My Kylie Minogue crush was at its peak, and I was getting on board the Bros, Bananarama & Rick Astley trains - all stations to Pop Heaven. Barbie was still thriving in her wonderland of all things pink, and Transformers & Mr Potato Head stocks were riding high.

For Brisbane dwellers & visitors World Expo 88 was in full swing, and Prozac had just hit the market, so it was super happy fun times all round. I hope some of these movies, music & fashions from October 1988 bring back a few sweet memories for you...


What an eclectic mix of film genres we had going on in October 1988! Horror was big and Julia Roberts was laying down the foundations for the corker of a decade that would follow the success of Mystic Pizza. I've never seen Moonwalker, but my interest in Michael Jackson has somewhat heightened in recent months so I might just have to track it down. Anyone got any thoughts on it? Worth the 90 minute sacrifice?

As always, you can refresh your memory of these flicks by taking a look at the trailers - just click on the links above.


Some really great tracks here! It's intriguing to note how many one hit wonders were floating around in October 1988. Bobby McFerrin, Yazz, Womack & Womack and Fairground Attraction all faded back into the shadows after the success of these tracks.

I didn't know what that Yello song 'Oh Yeah' was all about in 1988, and I still don't know what its all about in 2016. If anyone can shed any light on the point of it all I'd be most interested to hear some theories.

I see a lot of similarities between Salt n Pepa and Transvision Vamp except for one big difference. Wendy James of Transvision Vamp straddled the line between rock chic and skanky ho really really well - and managed to keep herself on the right side of that line. Salt n Pepa on the other hand... just plain nasty.

It was also a big month for Jason Donovan, Nothing Can Divide Us being his debut single and all. Yikes! I would talk more about J-Don, but I just can't get past that hair...

Great to see some Aussie acts breaking ground in the US & UK - INXS & Crowded House were at their peak, and even Johnny Farnham was enjoying some hit songs as well. When I look at the charts from back then it makes me a little sad that today's charts lack the diversity that we had growing up. But like Bill Heslop says.. 'you can't stop progress...'


I feel like October 1988 was a bit of a yawn for fashion. There's a couple of cute editorials here - like Dolly Magazine's Hot For Pink + the tan & black separates in Covering All Bases from Vogue (US). Overall, the glossies played it pretty safe & the teen magazines turned up the cuteness factor.

Make sure you take a look at the pants in the What's For Dinner? pages, from Vogue (US)! I can't for the life of me work out why anyone would design & make them, let alone why anyone would buy & wear them. I fear it will prove to be one of those mysteries that never get solved.

There's a fair bit of fur floating around in the photos below too - let's hope it was fake!


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | October 1988

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | October 1988

Elle (UK) | October 1988

Vogue (US) | October 1988

Vogue (US) | October 1988

Vogue (US) | October 1988

Vogue (US) | October 1988

Vogue (US) | October 1988


Dolly Magazine (Australia) October 1988

Cover: Vanessa Kelly | Photography: Grant Matthews | Hair & Makeup: Steven Price

Hot For Pink: Vanessa Kelly | Photography: Grant Matthews | Hair & Makeup: Steven Price

Denim Classic: Virginia | Photography: Serge Krouglikoff | Hair & Makeup: Wendy Isles-Miller

Elle (UK) October 1988

Cover: Michaela Bercu

Paris Milan: Roberta Chirko Veronica Webb & John Armstrong | Photography: Aldo Fellai | Stylist: Debbi Mason



Vogue (US) October 1988

Cover: Kara Young | Photography: Richard Avedon | Hair: Suga | Makeup: Kevin Aucoin

Covering All Bases: Kara Young | Photography: Steven Meisel | Hair: Oribe | Makeup: Laura Mercier

Big Idea Small Furs: Linda Evangelista & Alexandra Aubil | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Hair & Makeup: Rick Gillette

Weather-Wise: Naomi Campbell, Rachel Williams & Carre Otis | Photography: Neil Kirk | Hair: Michael Tammaro | Makeup: Rumiko

The Hit Of Colour: Linda Evangelista | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Hair & Makeup: Rick Gillette

What's For Dinner: Susan Miner | Photography: Wayne Maser | Hair: Kevin Mancuso | Makeup: Joe McDevitt