'80s Masters Of Music | Debbie Gibson 'Out Of The Blue' (1987)

Let's just get straight to the point -  I bloody love '80s Debbie Gibson.

In the late '80s, Debbie Gibson was my universe. Sorry, that's a lie. Try again. In the late '80s, Debbie Gibson was half my universe. Kylie Minogue was the other half.

It was a pre-internet world and we relied on Rage (Australian equivalent to MTV), the Saturday morning variety shows, and magazines like Smash Hits to hear new music & to get our celebrity goss.

Unlike today, pop stars & bands had to get a decent amount of media coverage before we would even know who they were.

The first Debbie Gibson song to break through in Australia was Shake Your Love. And jiminy cricket I LOVED it so hard! Pretty sure it was my favourite song for about a year. From the day I first heard it, I was a dedicated Debbie Gibson fan.

Out Of The Blue was one of the first albums I ever owned. Again, I lie. Out Of The Blue was one of the first albums my sister ever owned, but this amounted to pretty much the same thing.

I would pester the bajeebers out of her to borrow that cassette, and if she was ever blackmailing me... she had the perfect bargaining chip.

Eventually I wore her down, and at some point she just gave up asking for it back. Persistence is key, kids.

Debbie Gibson was something of a child prodigy. She played multiple instruments & produced her own demo tapes at home. She would record each instrument separately, each time playing the already recorded tracks back on a second tape deck. She was just an ordinary kid in a bedroom, who had figured out how to record multi-track demos on the fly. Over-achievers always make me feel so common. Le sigh.

The singles released from Out Of The Blue were:

Still a teenager, Debbie G. capitalised on her HUGE popularity with teen & pre-teen girls by packing up her fave chiffon dress & an industrial sized can of hairspray, and headed off on a massive world tour.

Out Of The Blue was followed up by an even more successful album - Electric Youth in 1989. And so my love of Debbie Gibson continued. Her 3rd album, Anything Is Possible (1990) didn't make too many waves here in Australia, and while I did like the title track from the album, her days at the top of the pop princesses were numbered. And just like that my Debbie Gibson days were essentially over.

But it was fabulous while it lasted, and I still get a kick out of those 2 albums even now. Debbie Gibson rocked the '80s, and myself and eleventy-seventy thousand other teenage girls rocked right alongside her!

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