'90s Fashion Fix | White (Part 2)

It's Part 2 of our White Fashion Fix special, and this week we're looking at some great '90s editorials. Highlights for me from this bunch are the Australian magazines. There's a smokin' Cosmopolitan spread with Alison Brahe, a spread from the lesser-known Looks magazine featuring a model who I am 90% sure is a very young Sophie Falkiner^, and '90s fashion export Toneya Bird in a tropical whites editorial.

Dolly magazine was something of a bible for teenage girls in Australia, and we all looked forward to the Covergirl Competition every year. Why? Buggers me. We just did. Rebecca Kelly was the winner of the 1991 Covergirl competition, and we have the white-themed feature that marked the end of her 12 month reign.

On the international front, there's a kick-ass Vogue (UK) editorial with Christy Turlington, a couple of Elle (US) spreads with supermodels Claudia Schiffer & Yasmeen Ghauri, and a whole bunch of fashion heavyweights in a Glamour (US) magazine feature.

But wait! There's more! No! Let's not wait... let's get started...

^ if anyone can confirm the Sophie Falkiner ID I'd be muchos appreciados

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Elle (US) | January 1991

Cosmopolitan (Australia) | December 1991

Vogue (UK) | May 1995

CLEO (Australia) | September 1990

Elle (France) | May 1990

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | January 1992

Vogue (US) | May 1990

Looks Magazine (Australia) | November 1990

Elle (France) | February 1992

Glamour (US) | July 1995

Elle (US) | January 1990


Elle (US) January 1991

Cover: Niki Taylor | Photography: Gilles Bensimon

White: Claudia Schiffer | Photography: Gilles Bensimon | Stylist: Loren Laney

Cosmopolitan (Australia) December 1991

Cover: Unknown | Photography: Andrew Southam | Stylist: Narelle Simpson

Let There Be White: Alison Brahe & Unknown | Photography: Patric Shaw | Hair & Makeup: Nick Ziegler

Vogue (UK) May 1995

Cover: Shalom Harlow & Amber Valletta

White Mischief: Christy Turlington | Photography: David Sims | Stylist: Tina Laakkonen

CLEO Magazine (Australia) September 1990

Cover: Claudia Schiffer | Photography: Colorific/Visages | Hair: Sally Hershberger | Makeup: Carol Shaw

White Heat: Toneya Bird & Unknown | Photography: Notarberardino | Hair & Makeup: Annabel Barton

Elle (France) May 1990

Cover: Madonna | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier

Jean Chic: Emma Sjoberg | Photography: Friedemann Hauss | Stylist: Corinne Nocella | Hair: Jean-Marc Maniatis | Makeup: Marie-Josee Lafontaine

Dolly Magazine (Australia) January 1992

Cover: Lisa Lackey | Photography: Daniela Federici | Hair & Makeup: Linda Hay

A Winner In White: Rebecca Kelly | Photography: Daniela Federici | Stylist: Carlotta Moye | Hair & Makeup: Noni Smith

Vogue (US) May 1990

Cover: Ivana Trump | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Fashion Editor: Andre Leon Talley | Hair: Maury Hopson | Makeup: Vincent Longo

Dress Whites: Yasmeen Ghauri | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington | Hair: Sam McKnight | Makeup: Vincent Longo

Looks Magazine (Australia) November 1990

Cover: Tara | Photography: Michael Schenko | Hair & Makeup: Erick Villiger

White On!: Sophie* | Photography: Ken Arthur | Hair & Makeup: Erick Villiger

*possibly Sophie Falkiner - if anyone can confirm this ID we'd love to hear from you

Elle (France) February 1992

Cover: Beri Smithers & Greta Cavazzoni | Photography: Walter Chin

Chemises Blanches (White Shirts): Daniela Pestova | Photography: Andre Rau | Stylist: Lena Kordic

Glamour (US) July 1995

Cover: Valeria Mazza

Dress Whites: Paulina Porizkova, Talisa Soto, Naomi Campbell, Milla Jovovich, Georgianna Robertson & Isabella Rossellini


Elle (US) January 1990

Cover: Yasmeen Ghauri | Photography: Gilles Bensimon

Tidal Whites: Claudia Schiffer, Michaela Bercu, Judit Masco, Rachel Williams & Naomi Campbell | Photography: Gilles Bensimon | Stylist: Brana Wolf


Look out for part 3 of our White Fashion Fix special next week, when we'll go back to the '80s once more. Yeeow!