Season Change / Key Change (Whitney Houston)

I am so excited about our first Season Change Key Change post! There's nothing I love more that the soul soaring feeling of a well-executed key change. It can take you from go to wo-oaah in the blink of an eye.

I also love turning the page on the 'ol desk calendar to see that I'm headed full throttle into a lovely change of seasons.

And what better way to celebrate both of these changes than by marking each changing of the seasons with an all-in group appreciation rally of a truly epic key change?

Nothing. Nothing could be better.

Anyone who has ever taken a moment to fully appreciate a memorable key change can tell you - the bigger the song, the better. And songs don't get much bigger than a Whitney Houston song (may she rest in peace the poor love).

So it delights me to present to you the late, but still great, Ms Whitney Houston as she absolutely slays her hit song 'I Have Nothing' from the 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

For maximum bang for your buck: knock that volume knob up a few extra notches, close your little bo peeps, sit back, relax, and let the sheer beauty of the experience flow through your every pore. If you do this with an open heart, and if you do this with an open mind, bountiful gifts shall be yours to receive at <spoiler alert!> 03:40.

Dayum Whitney! Girl got some pipes!

So to all our southern hemisphere compadres: enjoy the sharp increase in snuggle time with your fur babies as the temperature drops; and to our friends in the north: enjoy those fresh Summertime vibes!

Let's all meet back here in a cheeky 3 months to marvel at another Season Change Key Change delight. Disperse!