Prince | Dolly Magazine Feature (1992)

I have a confession to make... <inhale>... I never really got in to Prince at all... <exhale>...

That little confession probably wont win me many friends in the wake of his death, but there you go. When I think of His Purpleness the 3 songs that spring to my mind are from the early '90s:


Of course I know the 'classic' Prince songs like Raspberry Beret, Red Corvette & Purple Rain - I mean, who doesn't right? But either I was a smidge too young to care much or Prince just wasn't ever my bag. It may be a little from column A & a little from column B.

I can, however, appreciate that Prince songs were special to a lot of you out there, so I thought I'd share this article I found in the November 1992 issue of Dolly magazine. It's a great little '25 words or less' type article, sort of like a 'Beginners Guide To Prince'. It summarises Mr Love Symbol's albums from 1976 - 1992 in terms of: the direction of the music + what personal style Prince was rocking at the time + who his lady love(s) were at the time. All the important stuff!

So here's what Dolly magazine had to say about Prince in 1992...

RIP Prince - may the sofas you recline upon in heaven be covered in purple velour.