Time Capsule | May 1990

There's something a little bit sad about the first half of 1990. We had to say goodbye to our dear dear friend, the '80s. The '80s had been like a cool aunty to us for exactly a decade. The '80s held our hands as we crossed the 4-lane highway of life to get to the sand pit on the other side. The '80s had held us close to her bosom... ok ok, I'll stop.

The point is... hah, actually there really is no point - which almost feels like the actual point of the '90s - as it actually was. It's all getting rather meta in here, so let's dive right in & crack that May 1990 Time Capsule open.

(Fingers crossed we get to see some solid gold bedazzling popping up to say g'day in 1990 May! I've got a funny feeling we're gonna get bedazzled like we've never been bedazzled before...)



  • Back To The Future: Part 3 - I remember not liking #3 so much. I think it probably had something to do with my strong aversion to westerns. And this one had a big ol' western theme if I'm not mistaken. Yawn.

  • Bird On A Wire - A classic comedy duo. Pretty much anyone playing opposite Goldie Hawn will do. They're just there to feed her lines.

  • Cadillac Man - Oh Robin Williams. Such sadness at his loss, it's hard to laugh like we used to.

  • Class Of 1999 - Can't say I've seen this one. If anyone has an opinion (good or bad) of this flick, let me know! I might try tracking it down.

  • Total Recall - I'm sorry. I do not do Arnold Schwarzenegger. But apparently I can spell his name without looking it up. #hiddentalents

  • Wild Orchid - a little bit saucy, a little bit racy, a little bit crap. How or why Mickey Rourke was ever considered a sex symbol I'll never know. Eww. Just eww.



  • Alannah Myles | Black Velvet - Never saw the huge appeal of Alannah Myles, or this song. But I must be the exception to the rule, as Black Velvet went to number 1 in eleventy seventy countries. I just don't even know what the damn song is even about!
  • Belinda Carlisle | Summer Rain - I love Belinda Carlisle. I don't just mean I love Belinda Carlisle, I mean I LOVE Belinda Carlisle! So many great songs, so so many. Summer Rain is just another great song from the really really great Belinda Carlisle. Sidenote: I had my hair cut like hers in 1990. I don't think it was ever quite as glamorous, but I designate +10 Carlisle Fan Points to myself for getting the chop anyway. 

  • Billy Idol | Cradle Of Love - One of my favourite songs from the early '90s. Wicked film clip, and just really great Idol-Rock. 

  • Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2 | Mona - Who the hell were Check 1-2?! I feel like they drew the short straws, with ol' Craggles bagging top billing, the single cover (solo), AND Mona. I hope Craig & Mona lived happily every after, producing many little curly haired cherubs along the way.

  • Dannii Minogue | Love & Kisses - I can't explain it, and I probably wouldn't want to even if I could. But I quite dig this bubblegum pop song. She rocks a super-charged leather & chains ensemble in the music video too. All power to ya, Dannii!

  • Heart | All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - Great song. GREAT song! For some reason whenever I hear this song it makes me think of our school discos. Hearing these lyrics through adult ears though, I've become acutely aware of just how inappropriate it was for the DJ to have played this at a catholic high school disco. My kinda DJ. What a rebel.

  • Madonna | Vogue - It wasn't too long after this hit that Madonna started to lose the plot a wee bit, but there's no point crying over spilt sexual fetishes now. Vogue is classic Madge, and with David Fincher behind that tight-as-a-fishes-bum music video, it's become one of her most iconic songs.

  • Milli Vanilli | Blame It On The Rain - Which one was Milli? And which one was Vanilli? Who really cares? I remember it being FRONT PAGE NEWS when they were outed as big stinky liar liars pants on fire. Pretty sure the world was gearing up for the Gulf War around the same time, but hey... how 'bout that Milli Vanilli lip sync controversy huh? Huh? Controversy aside, they always urked me because their hair looked greasy & feral. Eww! Blame it on the hairdresser who talked you guys into that hair.

There is but one redeeming feature about this song... it has a pretty cool key change. I'm a closet (obviously outed now though) key change connoisseur.* I do love me some good key change, so this song gets a bonus point for that... bringing in a total points balance of 1. *more key change appreciation coming very soon!

  • Paula Abdul & M.C. Skat Cat | Opposites Attract - This song was MAJOR! The film clip was original, and Paula Abdul was at her finest following the eleventy seventy hits that sprang from her Forever Your Girl album.

  • Roxette | Dangerous - Words cannot express how much I love Roxette, so I wont even try. I just want to say how sad it was to hear recently that Roxette have been kind of forced into a touring retirement, due to Marie's ongoing health problems. Roxette were/are every bit as great as fellow Swedes ABBA. Sweden spawns some damn good pop acts, that's fo' sho'!

  • Sinead O'Connor | Nothing Compares 2 U - Why was this song so huge? It was numero uno for AGES. But how?.. and why?.. and how? It's just so bloody dull. And the music video is just so laborious to watch. Urgh. I'm done...

  • Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam - ... and then at the other end of the spectrum, you've got Technotronic - the band who should come with an epilepsy advisory warning. Hey! Technotronic Chick! Eddie from AbFab called... she wants her fanny pack collection back!

These 1990 hits have been added to our '90s Music Videos playlist or you can click on the links above ^



The fashion looks that were around from about 1990 to 1992-ish are some of my absolute favourites. Hotpants. Catsuits. Sheer fabrics. Paisley & pucci patterns. And oh my god BEDAZZLING!! There's just so much to love here. Our Fashion section of this month's Time Capsule is a bumper one! I hope you enjoy checking them all out as much as I enjoyed pulling it all together. HOT PANTS RULE!

* Keep your eyes peeled for a Vogue magazine spin on traditional 'Gym Wear' attire. I know when I go to the gym, I simply can't decide whether to wear my heeled boots, chunky jewellery, or leather pants. Smart decisions. Practical choices.


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | May 1990

Dolly Magazine (Australia) | May 1990

CLEO Magazine (Australia) | May 1990

CLEO Magazine (Australia) | May 1990

CLEO Magazine (Australia) | May 1990

Vogue Magazine (Australia) | May 1990

Vogue (US) | May 1990

Vogue (Italia) | May 1990


Dolly Magazine (Australia) May 1990

Cover: Angelique Bennett | Photography: Michael Schenko | Hair: Liz Jones | Makeup: Linda Hay

Some Like It Hot: Monique | Photography: Prue Ruscoe | Hair & Makeup: Lee

Taking Care Of Business: Danella Boyle | Photography: David Ross | Hair & Makeup: Michelle Devereux

CLEO Magazine (Australia) May 1990

Cover: Alison Brahe | Photography: David Haddon | Hair: Chris Conrad | Makeup: Judith O'Connor

Bedazzled: Alison Brahe | Photography: David Haddon | Hair: Chris Conrad | Makeup: Judith O'Connor

Man Made: Belinda Riding & Unknown | Photography: Warwick Orme | Hair: Steve Kelly | Makeup: Chris King

The New Jacket Ease: Unknown Models | Photography: Brian Nice | Hair: Chris Coonrod | Makeup: Annabelle Barton

Vogue (Australia) May 1990

Cover: Christy Turlington & Linda Evangelista | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Makeup: RoC | Hair: Sam McKnight

Blackout: Elle Macpherson | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair: Alan Whyte | Makeup: Micki Gardener

Vogue (US) May 1990

Cover: Ivana Trump | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Hair: Maury Hopson | Makeup: Vincent Longo

Pucci: Linda Evangelista | Photography: Irving Penn | Hair: Oribe | Makeup: Laura Mercier

Vogue (Italia) May 1990

Cover: Roberta Chirko | Photography: Steven Meisel

Gym Wear: Claudia Schiffer & Naomi Campbell | Photography: Patrick Demarchelier | Sylist: Manuela Pavesi | Hair: Sam McKnight | Makeup: Mary Greenwell