Movie Moments Of The '90s | The Craft (1996)

Anyone wondering just how impressionable teenagers can be, need only look to The Craft and the number of teenage girls in the mid-90s who suddenly discovered their spirituality as a direct result of seeing this moovee. It was a great time to be an all-suffering teen... you could just light a candle, bathe in some sandalwood, & ponder your futile existence. It was awesome! And so much cheaper than therapy.

The Craft is your classic misfit girl #1 finding her place amongst other misfit girls. But before too long, those misfit girls inevitably turn out to be kinda dodgy misfit girls. The battle for misfit girl #1 to return her life to mere misfit status quo ensues - in an effort to eliminate the baggage of those dodgy misfit girls. As it turns out, being a misfit is a walk in the park compared to how screwy things can get when you hang out with dodgy mcdodge misfits.

Any girl who had even a modest amount of teenage angst coursing through her veins could find her way in to this movie, through Sarah's plight as misfit girl #1. Solidarity sister!

The Craft is a rare film with an almost exclusively female cast. I've always loved how this movie turned those tables ever so slightly on the classic teen movie structure - where the girls usually have little more to contribute than being either eye-candy or the one that stuffs everything up royally for everyone involved. Or both.

The stand-out performance here is Fairuza Balk. Playing antagonist Nancy opposite Robin Tunney's Sarah suits her very well indeed. And when the time comes to play a raging psycho, she totally nails it. The supporting cast, including Neve Campbell & Rachel True hold their own, and their collective performances made sure The Craft became something of an (oc)cult classic.

Robin Tunney has said of her role "I'm really proud to have been in The Craft. I will always be that chick from The Craft, no matter what I do". She so smart.

One of the things I love the most about this film is the soundtrack. It's a cracker of a track-list, and supports the movie perfectly - in all of the right ways, and at all of the right times.

Graeme Revell is the man to applaud for that - have a quick squiz at his credits... this guy knows his stuff! His original composition, 'Bells, Books & Candles', is everything you want from an an esoteric tune. Other standout tracks from Jewel, Elastica, Letters To Cleo, Spacehog & Juliana Hatfield all make for a most perfect soundtrack.

It's impossible not to feel just a little bit witchy when listening to this soundtrack... or maybe that's just me (?).

The Craft is one of those movies I can watch over & over & over again, without getting fatigued. I love that it inspired a swag of young girls to at least think about their belief systems, and for many more than that - it was just great to get a little bit of your suburban goth on for a while.

Community Service Announcement:

My copy of The Craft came as a double movie pack - with The Covenant (2006). Please please PLEASE just take it from me... you DO NOT want to go there. You do not want to go anywhere even vaguely NEAR there. Just don't.

Maybe intended as a 'brother film' to The Craft (?), it fails in every possible way - and even a few ways you never knew even existed. Be kind to your eyes, ears & souls, and just stick to The Craft. Should you choose to try your luck with The Covenant... don't come back to me crying your tears of pain, suffering & torment. You & your sandalwood bath bombs are on your own! And with that, I'm off for a quick ride up to the supermarket on my broomstick before they shut. Blessed Be.