Time Capsule | January 1994

1994 was to be my last year of Friday night discos, ditching swimming carnivals & using maths class to carefully plan how I would style my hair when I married Nathan James.     ----->>>

I was savouring that last Summer holiday before heading back to school for one last ex-cru-ci-at-ing year - before being let loose in the 'real' world. To be fair, my school was a really great school. But I was a teenager, and teenage angst was just part of my job description.

For some of you, January 1994 may have been all about smoking the whacky tobacky & watching Ren & Stimpy. For others, daytime television may have been more your bag. Let's face it - 'I Married A Horse' on The Jerry Springer Show is pretty hard to beat!

My future husband Nathan just casually rounding up some livestock. He's so swell.

The first season of X-Files was in full swing by January 1994; and Eddie & Patsy were at the height of their fame on Absolutely Fabulous. Oh! I almost forgot! Joey Lawrence (of Blossom fame) had just released an album. What a great time to be alive!



  • The Pelican Brief - Julia Roberts is one of those actresses that is so easy to watch on screen. It's that X factor we always hear about. J-Robs' flicks have always been an easy way to spend 90 minutes, and the The Pelican Brief is no exception. A rare Thriller from her filmography.
  • Philadelphia - keep the Kleenex handy people! Sometimes I can't handle the depths of Tom Hanks' talent. Is there any movie of his that you can picture another actor playing his role? He OWNS the screen when he's splashed across it, and Philadelphia was not only a great movie - it was also an important movie in its time.
  • Schindler's List - it's becoming obvious that January of 1994 was a MASSIVE month for movies. What can I say about Schindler's List that hasn't already been said, and in a far more eloquent way than I ever could? This isn't an easy watch, but it's an important one - if for no other reason than to educate & reflect on the horror of the holocaust, and to remind us that humanity will always prevail. My generation has a very limited understanding of WWII, and I imagine the generations that follow us have even less. How do you explain the unexplainable? Movies like Schindler's List help to bridge that knowledge gap. I wrote a paper on this very topic years ago, and it remains the best paper I wrote at university. I'll dig it out of an archive box one day.
  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape? - Oh Leo Leo Leo. Here lies the first in a long line of roles where Leo was robbed of an Oscar (depending on who you're talking to). In this instance I was/am very much PRO-Leo. It was an absolutely extraordinary performance. To recap, Leo was in very good company alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Ralph Fiennes, John Malkovich, and Pete Postlethwaite. Tommy Lee Jones triumphed on the night, and while The Fugitive is one of my favourite action films (there's not many), that little gold man should have gone to Leo (in my own opinion, obviously).



  • ACE OF BASE - All That She Wants

  • BRYAN ADAMS - Please Forgive Me

  • DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE - Boom! Shake The Room

  • EFUA - Somewhere

  • KIM WILDE - If I Can't Have You


  • PET SHOP BOYS - Go West

  • RADIOHEAD - Creep

  • RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Soul To Squeeze

You can get your 1994 groove on with our '90s Music | Time Capsules playlist on YouTube.



Maybe we should ask 'What WEREN'T we wearing?'

To summarise:   cheesecloth was definitely a thing for a while; dresses & skirts were floral & floaty. For those of us enjoying the Australian Summer - we didn't mind a bit of the ol' tropicana vibe; and gingham was still hanging around like whacky-zany-crayyzzee Uncle Joe who had already overstayed his welcome 3 weeks ago. Fitness fashion never seems to go out of style, it just morphs with the times. With the aerobics craze of the '80s a distant memory, we took our fitness regimes outdoors in the '90s. (When I say 'we', I mean all the people who aren't me).



Dolly Magazine (Australia) January 1994

Cover: Caroline Grasso | Photography: Darren Teiste | Styling: Geraldine Munoz | Hair & Makeup: Jacqui Cookson

Summer Crush: Olivia Du Blet & Julian Escott | Photography & Styling: Carlotta Moye | Hair & Makeup: Noni Smith

Dolly Magazine (Australia) Summer Special 1993

Cover: Stacey Meier + David & Tim | Photography: Daniela Federici | Hair: Michael Wong | Makeup: Noni Smith

Flirting: Alison Brahe, Stacey Meier, Camille Bancroft, Sarah, Michael, Tim & David | Photography: Daniela Federici | Styling: Carlotta Moye | Hair: Michael Wong | Makeup: Noni Smith

Checkmate: Stacey Meier & Camille Bancroft | Photography: Tony Duran | Styling: Carlotta Moye | Hair & Makeup: Michael Wong

Vogue (US) January 1994

Cover: Niki Taylor | Photography: Arthur Elgort | Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington | Hair: Christiaan | Makeup: Brigitte Reiss-Andersen

Fashion Pumps Up: Niki Taylor | Photography: Arthur Elgort | Fashion Editor: Camilla Nickerson |

Soft Focus: Claudia Schiffer | Photography: Arthur Elgort | Fashion Editor: Brana Wolff | Hair: Christiaan Makeup: Sonia Kashuk

ELLE (US) January 1994

Cover: Manon Von Gerkan | Photography: Gilles Bensimon

Jungle Fever: Yasmeen Ghauri | Photography: Gilles Bensimon


FOOTNOTE: I still plan to marry Nathan James. He's just been so busy, you know... taking care of the ranch & stuff...