1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly June 1991

As awesome as the '90s were, sometimes we got a bit obsessed with all that monochrome, and every now and then we just had to get our colour on, damnit! This fantastic spread from June 1991 in Dolly Magazine featured pixie-cut Dolly model Rebecca Wikaira, and packed a multi-coloured punch with colour block piled on top of colour block piled on top of colour block, and so on & so forth.

Please note the tailoured jackets with shoulder pads - possibly some of the last we would see on our magazine pages, with popularity for the shoulder pad showing a sharp decline in the early '90s. Thankfully!

We hope this puts a little colour in your day!


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | June 1991

Cover: Nadya Dubois | Photography: Tony Duran | Hair & Makeup: Linda Hay

Mixing It With Colour: Rebecca Wikaira | Photography: Michael Schenko | Hair & Makeup: Linda Hay