Season Change / Key Change (Swing Out Sister)

As the days become stinking hot (or brutally cold, depending on which hemisphere you call home), it's traditional for our little double denim community to celebrate the changing of the seasons the only way we know how... with an epic - epic - EPIC key change!

For our season-change-key-change today we've chosen a swell little 1986 hit from UK pop group Swing Out Sister - Breakout.


Swing Out Sister demonstrate their aptitude for solid pop song structure. You get your verse, then your chorus, then another verse, then another chorus, then all of your key change dreams come true with a classy key change that's led in with a saxy sax outburst, before getting right back into it with another chorus, and then a bridge <GASP!> But hang on to your hats retro boys & vintage girls... because here comes a SECOND KEYCHANGE! Like a 2 for 1 deal at Pizza Hut! It's everything you could wish for, and so much more.

I do love me a good key change.