On The Box | A Country Practice

If you were casually hanging about in Australia during the 1980s there's a damn good chance the sweet sweet sound of this piano concerto will bring back a few memories for you...

Allow me to set the scene - it's 1986 and Fatso the Wombat has ripped up Sgt. Frank Gilroy's rose garden... again. Frank is well pissed and Fatso is in danger of being packed off to a random nature park somewhere to live out his merry marsupial days. Luckily Shirl (Frank's free-spirited wife Shirley) knows just how to calm Frank the freaky frittata down, and Fatso lives to eat another bloom right out from under Frank's nose.

Cut to: the next day, and Australians everywhere are having a jolly ol' giggle with each other about the ongoing adventures of Fatso the Wombat.

Not since Skippy the Bush Kangaroo had our country invested so much love in a TV pet. Oh, Fatso the Wombat! Oh, Doris the Pig! Oh, Molly and her 'girls' - those dang chooks!

A Country Practice was the show that brought us all together, water cooler style.

Every Monday & Tuesday night at 7:30pm we'd catch up with all our fave Wandin Valley peeps. Taking a look back at some of these pics brings back some very fond memories of all those great characters over the years...

A Country Practice was a show of great couples. Simon & Vicki, Terrence & Alex, Frank & Shirley, even Bob & Cookie! All great TV couples. But there was one couple whose love for each other made us feel all of the feels...

We knew it was coming, but what we didn't know was that it would leave our country in a collective state of mourning for weeks and weeks and weeks. I still remember it; it was horrible. If you can watch this back (even all these years later) and not even get a little trickle of a tear in the corner of your eye, your heart is made of stone. PURE STONE I tells you!

Oh my gawd! It still hurts.

I don't know that a show like A Country Practice would crack the market in 2016, but it's cool to look back on those Monday & Tuesday nights. My money will always be on Fatso.