Top 10 (+1) | Fashion Designers

Back in April we had a count down of our Top 10 (+1) Supermodels of the '90s, so today we thought we'd take a look at our Top 10 (+1) Designers of the fashions that draped over their annoyingly perfect bodies as they sashayed down the runway.

Fans of Kate Moss will land in their happy place here, it's ridiculous how many designers considered her their muse during the '90s. Some of these designer collections are more inspiring than others, but all of them were a big deal during fashion weeks around the world, and today we honour 10 of them... +1.


#10. Calvin Klein

I find Calvin Klein in general to be just a little bit meh, unfortunately. In fact, I find most CK collections to be a right snooze-fest! I do, however, think they were advertising genius' with print campaigns that were always striking and are even somewhat iconic to this very day. So there's always that...

#9. Gucci

Whenever I see or hear Gucci I instantly think of Eddie & Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous - 'Gucci darling! Names! Names!! NAMES!!!' I love the fabrics and lines of Gucci ready-to-wear, and I love the way they kept it mostly simple but fancied up one element of each outfit to make it something a little bit special.

#8. Prada

While I love these Prada ad campaigns featuring Meghan Douglas, I do find the clothes themselves to be a bit 'fancy-hessian-sack-ish'. I'm really no expert on high end fashion, but I do know when I'm not inspired. And I'm definitely not inspired here, #sorrynotsorry

#7. John Galliano

Now we're talking! How funky are these '90s Galliano collections!? The pieces themselves are interesting and iconic enough on their own, but what I really love is how he styled the girls from top to toe to make each outfit he sent down the runway a truly unique work of art. Now that's talent!

#6. Christian Dior

Dior = class. I can picture Grace Kelly in all of these Dior gowns - she had the style and elegance needed to pull off such stunning, opulent gowns. Lovely and feminine, with an air of prestige - obviously not something I would ever EVER! wear, or more to the point ever be able to afford to wear, but I can appreciate the incredible luck of those, like Karen Mulder and Linda Evangelista, who had the stature to make it work for them. Le sigh.

#5. John Paul Gaultier

They don't get much more alternative than John Paul Gaultier. What a fascinating little poppet he was. His style was definitive, and celebs like Madonna must have had him on speed dial for when they needed a well-timed publicity boost. Think Madonna in that boob-less dress. On second thoughts, let's not think of Madonna's boob-less dress. Cover your eyes, my friends! Cover your eyes!!

#4. Azzedine Alaïa

Azzedine Alaïa knew woman's bodies. (Well, he knew perfect women's bodies at least - not sure about the rest of us), His collections always featured lovely sleek designs that flattered the curves and the boobs. Naomi Campbell was one of his long-time muses and the results were always amazing.

#3. Valentino

I actually like the '80s Valentino designs a tad more than his '90s shows. The '90s collections seemed to lack the same cohesiveness and unique branding of all those beautiful gowns that original supermodels like Carol Alt & Kelly Emberg wore as they swanned down the runway in the '80s.

#2. Chanel

Any discussion of designer fashion is going to turn Chanel up at some point. Such an iconic brand, Chanel was an early champion of gingham, and chief advocates for a humble 10 foot long string of pearls (like you do).

1. Versace

The winner of our #1 spot was never in any doubt. Any regular Double Denim Days reader will know how obsessed I am with the bad-ass chic look of the early '90s, and also how much I love a good bedazzling. Versace brought the bad-ass, and the bedazzlement to the party and totally rocked it all night long! If I had been born a '90s supermodel, I would've been gunning for the Versace shows each & every year, such is my love for these collections. Versace all the way!

(+1) Thierry Mugler

If any designer was deserved of the much-coveted +1 spot in a Double Denim Days Top 10, it's Thierry Mugler. Less of a fashion show and more of a moving art gallery, Mugler designs were so unique that they absolutely warrant a special mention outside of the confines of any regular count down. What I especially love about Thierry Mugler was that no matter how whacky mcwhackster he got, he never forgot about the female form. He created these amazing designs that were so original and so striking, and yet they were still so elegant and feminine. A true genius - I could look at these pieces all day.