1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly March 1984

Well take a lookey look at all of the 100% pure '80s fashion we have here! There's so much to love that I can hardly breathe. Finger-less gloves, lycra, head scarves, rolled-up jeans... and all of the layers you could possibly manage in one lifetime. It makes me want to have an '80s do-over, in my late 30s.

Special mention applies to the strings of pearls this lovely Dolly model is sporting in the 2nd last shot, perfectly bringing together all of the elements of these stunning ensembles. Making Tracks indeed...


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | March 1984

Cover: Francesca Raft | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair & Makeup: Richard from Get Smart | Styling: Patricia Merk

Making Tracks: Unknown | Photography: Grant Matthews | Hair: Mara | Makeup: Sharman Smit