'90s Masters Of Music | Tori Amos 'Under The Pink' (1994)

Little Earthquakes (1992)

Under The Pink (1994)

Boys For Pele (1996)

From The Choirgirl Hotel (1998)

To Venus And Back (1999)

The music of Tori Amos, especially that from these early albums in the '90s, is so so SO dear to me. I remember the day I discovered Tori Amos as clear as if it was yesterday - possibly even clearer since I spent most of yesterday drunk. It was 1992 and I was attending what can only be described as a drama camp. One full week of all sorts of performance-related workshops down in the big smoke of Brisbane (I was from the little smoke of Bundaberg) with around 40 other drama-lovin' kids from all over Queensland. Hark! It was such a lark!

We spent our days in many varied workshops, and our nights out on the town seeing everything from small time theatre shows (Cremorne Theatre) to circus' (La Boite Theatre); musicals (42nd Street at Lyric Theatre) to world cinema (Orlando at the Regent Theatre). It was a very creative time for this little black duck.

So this one time... at drama camp... I was sitting on the floor... "connecting" with my "emotional center" during a "meditation" exercise, when all of a sudden this beautiful pure voice takes over the sound system and starts singing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit with the piano as her only companion. Say who to the what now?! I was instantly hooked, and I even remember asking our meditation guru who the heck was singing. Little did she know she was setting in motion a musical love affair that would last for decades. I bought that Little Earthquakes tape the very next day on one of our "free time" outings and I've been a Tori fan ever since.

I thrashed the Little Earthquakes cassette for over a year until Under The Pink came out. And then I thrashed that cassette past the point of emergency rewinding using a HB pencil. The really cool thing was that by the time I was making the switch from cassette to cd, a special bonus edition of Under The Pink, featuring heaps of B-side and rare tracks, was released to coincide with her Australian 'Pink Tour' in 1994 - which I totally got to go to. Squee!

Tori Amos | 'Pink Tour' Programe - 1994

Tori Amos has always tip-toed the line between pop and alternative music, so I didn't have too many friends lining up to head down to Brisbane (still the 'big smoke' to us at this time) with me for her one night only gig at the Brisbane Concert Hall. But I wasn't about to let that stand in the way of my getting to see Ms Amos live.

It was my first live gig, and I was there on my own, and I wouldn't have had it any other way even if I could. The concert was magical; Tori was magical; everything was magical - you have to understand... it was a very magical experience for me. 

By the time Boys For Pele was released in 1996, I had moved to that 'big smoke' and was in a totally different place to where I was when I would spend hours flipping my Under The Pink cassette from A side to B side to A side to B side to A side... so Boys For Pele was a bit of a miss for me. After temporarily losing my Tori religion for a wee bit there, I jumped back on board the Tori train, all stations to From The Choirgirl Hotel and To Venus And Back.

Tori Amos albums, even more so for Under The Pink, was the soundtrack to a very liberating and creative time in my life, so it holds a very dear place in my heart. Even just the artwork - which is always AH-MAY-ZING - can recall a whole shiitake-tonne of great memories. I love powerful retro-tastic stuff like that!


Under The Pink | The Singles

Get your pink on! Clickety-click on the cover art to watch the music videos OR listen to the full album ---> HERE!

Cornflake Girl - UK Release (1994)

Cornflake Girl - US Release (1994)

God (1994)

Pretty Good Year (1994)

Past The Mission (1994)

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