'80s Fashion Fix | Madonna Style

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Been to an '80s party recently? How many people were dressed as Madonna? Was there any doubt that they were rocking Madonna style? Were there any two Madonnas dressed alike? Woooah! Slow down Megan, what's with the Madonna inquisition, girlfriend? I think you get the jist of where I'm going with this...

I could bang on about Madonna being one of, if not the, style icon of the '80s, but I'd just be repeating the words of so many before me. What I want to do instead is take a closer look at some of those key pieces that became synonymous with Madonna's iconic style, and ultimately defined the fashion of the '80s.

This is the '80s... Madonna style.

Mesh Tops

I feel like mesh was around well before Madge came onto the scene, but she took mesh to a whole new level, turning underwear into outerwear while still technically 'covering up', that sneaky minx.

Cross Necklaces

Girl loved her bling, didn't she!?! More often than not Madonna rocked a cross around her neck, and in doing so made the wearing of religious iconography an instant fashion statement. Amen sista!

Once relegated to wedding dresses and table adornments, Madonna brought lace pieces of all colours to the streets. Lace was ace baby.


It's hard to pick who gloved it up best in the '80s - Michael Jackson or Madonna. So we're just going to cop out by awarding a boy and a girl trophy so everyone's happy. That's glove love.



Sunglasses huh? There's nothing terribly revolutionary about wearing sunglasses, right? Wrong. Just take a look at a bespectacled Madonna... she exudes a coolness like no other before her!

Hairspray Hair

If you were a schoolkid in the '80s you probably got the CFC Greenhouse Effect lecture on numerous occasions. At the same time Madonna was hairspraying it up like no tomorrow. Coinkidinck?

Every now & then we saw Madge getting her badass chic on with a standout black leather jacket of pant. Jiminy Cricket she was cool. She was just so dang-doggin' cool!


If I had a bod like Ms Ciccone I'd waltz around town in a form-fitting bustier number too, as would be my God-given right. Having a rack like her would also be beneficial. Le sigh.


Bare Midriffs

I just haven't seen Madonna's tummy enough today, said no-one in the '80s. Ever. She totally owned her midriff and certainly wasn't shy about flaunting it.

Coloured Tights

Why should the belly and boobs have all the fun? Madonna made sure to show her legs some love too, and coloured tights often pulled together the perfect Madonna look.

Bras. So boring when hidden beneath pesky rags and fabrics. I remember when she first hit the stage in her bras & little else, it was such a scandal! A true pioneer of underwear outerwear.

Underwear Outerwear

Hairspray hair just wasn't the same without some colourful rags tied into a bright & beautiful bow atop one's head. Madonna made fashion so totally affordable for us little folk. Onya Madge!

Hair Rags

Ripped Jeans

Just splurged on a new pair of Levi 501 jeans? You know what to do... a little rip here, a scratch-up there, chuck a bit of bleach around and have a roll around in the dirt. And now you're good to go!


Bangles. You've got to have bangles! ALL of the bangles. Are all of your bangles on your arms? You'd better hope your sister has a few spare 'cause you can never have enough bangles!

What you lack in bangles you can make up the difference in necklaces. Necklaces of all kinds, lengths and sizes. Your style motto: NO NECKLACE TO BE LEFT ON THE DRESSER!


And finally we come to the ultimate Madonna look... the Do I Look Like I Give A Fruitcake? For services in teaching women not to give a fruitcake about what others think of them, we salute you Madonna!


IMPORTANT NOTE: while technically not a fashion item per se, anyone wanting to emulate truly authentic Madonna Style should get in touch with their armpits. Madonna's signature move was the good ol' arms above your heads ladies. Who could forget Susan tending to her underarms in a public bathroom in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)? Who else but Madonna could turn drying your pits into an '80s fashion event? I mean, honestly!