Top 10 +1 | Game Shows

Nothing brings on those classic retro vibes quite like a super kitsch game show on the tele. I think it's pretty safe to say that the game show heydays are pretty much over. There's so much competition for our entertainment time these days, and game shows just seem to have taken a backseat to everything else. Boo!

So, in the interests of not letting game shows disappear completely from our world, here lies a Top 10 (+1) of my favourite game shows from ye olde days of yesteryear, in all their Vegas-style lights and catchy as fudge jingles glory...


#10. Now You See It

This afternoon kidlet show was essentially a real life version of those 'find-a-word' puzzles. TV presenters in the '80s had very little personality and Mike Meade, the dude who hosted Now You See It, was no exception. At least he had Malvin, his trusty robotic sidekick, there to lighten the load. How did these kids get chosen to appear on Now You See It? I would've given it a good crack if only someone had asked me!

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#9. Star Search

Before X Factor, there was Star Search. Before <insert country here> Idol, there was Star Search. Before <insert country here> Got Talent, there was Star Search.

It was the search for a star. A "star search", if you will. Such searching; much star.

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#8. New Faces

But wait! There's always room for another star search program, said Australia. Let's do a star search show with ol' moon face Bert Newton at the helm, they said. And that's exactly what they did. Because you can never have too many star search shows, nor too much Bert Newton, in the '80s & '90s.

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#7. Family Feud

Family Feud never quite lived up to its promise of family feuds. If there was a bit of biff between the rival teams, or even better within the family themselves, maybe I would've watched it more.

Still, Rob Brough's curly mullet hairdo was reason enough to tune in. You just don't get high quality curled-mullets like you used to.

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#6. It's A Knockout

It's A Knockout was an Aussie corker of a game show. Four state teams competing in the most random of obstacle challenges. If you look up 'ridiculous' in the dictionary this game show is what you'll find. But it had the best of all the game show jingles... 'It's A Knockout that's the name! It's A Knockout that's the game! It's A Knockout that's the name of the game!'... bloody brilliant!

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#5. Blankety Blanks

I was a tad to young to fully appreciate the non-stop sexual innuendo of Blankety Blanks. It was a comedy all-stars type show and made Graham Kennedy a household name. It's funny that Blankety Blanks only ran for two seasons in the '70s because I remember it as being on all the time at Nan & Pop's place - we only had two channels in regional Bundy back then.

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#4. Perfect Match

Tinder of the '80s! Each episode of Perfect Match featured possibly the most awkward 10 seconds of screen time in television history as the contestant pondered his/her three date choices. Actually the entire show was just one giant awkward moment. Props to Greg Evans for holding it together like he did. But WTF was with that robot, Dexter?

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#3. The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right was around for donkey's years, and I reckon it could still rock that afternoon just-before-the-news time slot if it was still on. Ian (Turps) Turpie is the undisputed King of The Price Is Right in Australia, although Larry Emdur did a smashing job in the '90s. I'm also awarding The Price Is Right an extra +10 game show respect points for featuring in The Castle  (1997).

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#2. Wheel Of Fortune

How good was Wheel Of Fortune!? Not to be confused with every teens favourite drinking game - 'Goonbag Of Fortune'. One sees players spinning a huge wheel of cash amounts and the dreaded bankrupt spin, while the other has contestants standing beneath a clothes line with a goon bag pegged to it. If the goonbag stops over your head, you're in for a messy night. Good times. Great memories. Games of fortune.

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#1. Sale Of The Century

If Turps was the king of The Price Is Right, then Tony Barber was without a doubt the king of Sale Of The Century. This game show was so popular back in the day that it aired during prime time. Say WHA?!? It was well exciting if a contestant made it through the week and played for the showcase. Entertainment was so incredibly different in the '80s.

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+ 1. Hey Hey It's Saturday

For our +1 this month, we salute long running Aussie entertainment show Hey Hey It's Saturday for its contributions to TV games glory. Segments like Plucka Duck, Red Faces & Celebrity Head put a little twist on game show television by mixing celebs with home viewers. It was all just some jolly good fun. My personal fave was Chook Lotto - lotto with frozen chooks instead of balls. Brilliant.