Time Capsule | April 1985

1985… the halfway mark through the wonderland that was the 1980s.

For the KIDS - Care Bears & Lego were life.


For the ADULTS - images of third world countries stricken with famine and disease confronted them at every turn. By April the wheels were well & truly in motion for a series of Live Aid concerts around the world that would ultimately raise over $125 million in relief funds.

We also saw more uber-stars than you can poke a diamante-encrusted microphone at come together under the USA For Africa banner to do their (not so) little bit by recording the charity song ‘We Are The World’. In April the song went straight to the top of the charts in more than 20 countries, raising in excess of $50 million. Get your pocket calculators out and multiply that by 4 to get a rough estimate by today’s figures.

So what else was going down in April 1985?



  • Desperately Seeking Susan - not Madonna's best movie (coughWho'sThatGirlcough), but not her worst either (coughSweptAwaycough).
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun - a very young Sarah Jessica Parker & Helen Hunt rebel against the system (read: Mom & Dad) by entering a dance competition, all set to an epic '80s soundtrack. What's not to love?
  • Ladyhawke - Confession Time! I haven't seen this one myself. The movie poster makes it appear as some sort of Fantasy/Adventure flick, but Google tells me it's an Adventure/Comedy/Drama. Do with that information what you will.
  • Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment - I've never gotten through Police Academy 1, never mind the eleventy-seventy Police Academy's that followed. But it obviously found an audience somewhere, or they would've stopped after eleventy-sixty.
  • Porky's Revenge - before the American Pie franchise there was the Porky's franchise. If you're offended by gratuitous sex scenes, terrible comedy, and female characters contributing little more than tits & bum you might have been wise to swap your ticket for The Care Bears movie in the next theater. I have a vague memory of Dad watching Porky's on TV... absolutely ROARING with laughter. I'm not sure how accurate that memory is. It was the '80s; I was barely out of romper suits, and was probably high on sherbert. It may have been Police Academy instead.



  • CYNDI LAUPER - Money Changes Everything
  • DEAD OR ALIVE - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  • LIMAHL - Neverending Story
  • MADONNA - Material Girl
  • MURRAY HEAD - One Night In Bangkok
  • POINTER SISTERS - Neutron Dance
  • SPANDAU BALLET - Round & Round

These awesome music videos have been added to our '80s Music | Time Capsule playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!



Fashion bible Vogue (US) was loving the humble dress. These are all really cute. #wouldweartoday

Meanwhile, back in Australia, it was all about DIY dressing. Especially with the knitting. We loved nothing more than to sit down in front of A Country Practice and knit our winter wardrobe into being. Apparently. 

I particularly love the 2nd editorial from Dolly magazine below. To me it signals the beginning of the 'bedazzled' era which would reach its height in the very early '90s. And who doesn't love a bit of pearl/feather/pompom/tulle/diamante/sequin action? I mean, honestly?



Vogue (US) April 1985

Cover: Kim Alexis | Photography: Richard Avedon

There's Nothing Like A Dress: Lynn Koester, Kim Williams & Renata Vakova | Photography: Irving Penn



Dolly Magazine (Australia) April 1985

Cover: Cara Leigh | Photography: Graham Shearer

Chiconomy: Models unknown | Photography: Richard Bailey

Night Knits: Models unknown | Photography: Richard Bailey

Cuddle Up With A Good Yarn: Models unknown | Photography: Graham Shearer


So that's our very first Time Capsule done & dusted! 1 down... only 239 to go!

Were you around (& lucid) in April 1985? What were you watching, listening to, and wearing? I really do love hearing everyone's retro-tastic stories! <hint hint...>