1-Minute Fashion Fix | Dolly July 1984

For our first 1-Minute Fashion Fix of the year we have an April 1984 spread from our beloved Australian teen bible, Dolly Magazine. This is a request from loyal Double Denim Days Instagram follower @jane.dig.

This spread From Working Girl to Glamour Girl is less of a fashion spread and more of a 'how to' guide designed for the Dolly girl who had no clue about anything glamour in her teens <coughchicslikemecough>

What I especially love about this feature is the smokin' last shot with Dolly Girl Jenny riding off into the moonlight on the back of her beau's motorbike. On a personal note: my father always told me he'd kill me if I ever got on the back of a boys motorbike, but fair's fair Pa - it looks like a pretty piss-weak sub-category of motorbike to me. It's a good thing we never had to test that threat huh?


Dolly Magazine (Australia) | July 1984

Cover: Jenny | Photography: Graham Shearer | Hair & Makeup: Richard Keogh | Styling: Patricia Merk