How do you do?

I'm Megan, a Brisbane-based freelance writer, specialising in screen media & pop culture content. While quietly chipping away at my own slate of projects, that I hope will one day see me dressed for success, I also enjoy spending my time reading '80s & '90s fashion magazines, grooving to '80s & '90s tunes, kicking someone's butt in a game of Monopoly, and catching up on re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie. All in the name of 'research' - obviously.

As the founder & primary contributor of Double Denim Days - and in the interests of full disclosure - I feel I must forewarn that my experience of the '80s & '90s involved a LOT of Kylie Minogue & Debbie Gibson cassingles, John Hughes movies on VHS, and Dolly magazines. Which is why, in an attempt to maintain some semblance of content equilibrium, you will sometimes find guest posts from other passionate writers.


Are YOU a writer with a penchant for retro-tastic pop culture? Get in touch & let's make a marbles play date.

Now, I don't want to gender stereotype here, but my understanding of Transformers and He-Man leaves a bit to be desired, although I do know that She-Ra could kick He-Man's tanned & toned ass if she had half a mind to. Which is why I'd love another male voice or two to add to the Double Denim Days stable.

But that's enough about me. Let's talk a bit about me...

It must have been love during the '80s & '90s, because I've been living and reliving those solid gold years ever since. I consider myself something of an aficionado of pop culture of the '80s & '90s. The fashion, the music, the movies, TV & cartoons... I love it all!

To finance my obsession for all things retro-tastic, I offer web content, script & copy writing services, as well as document proofreading and editing assistance. If you think I can help you with your project, drop me a line using the contact form. I'm not dangerous. I promise I wont bite... hard.

Never one to be accused of fading like a flower, I'm also a Continuity & Script Supervisor for local film and television production here in QLD, Australia.

So if you share my big love of all things '80s & '90s, you should definitely listen to your heart and join me on my double denim joyride.

Nana na na na, nana nana na nana nah... she's you've got the look